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We are glad you are interested in collaborating with WUD Cuisine! Each semester we program cooking workshops, demonstrations, lectures, topic based dinners, and more and we are always looking for new collaborations and new programming ideas! If your RSO, program, or department would like to collaborate with us please fill out and submit a collaboration proposal form at the bottom of this page.  Below are descriptions of some of our reoccurring collaboration opportunities but we are always looking for new and unique programming events to collaborate on!

Collaboration In A Cooking Workshop

The Cuisine Committee holds around 1-2 cooking workshops a month. Collaboration in a cooking workshop event will likely involve some financial, marketing, prep/clean up, and menu planning involvement. 

Due to the space limitations of the Food Applications Lab, located in Babcock Hall, programming slots cannot exceed forty (40) people. WUD Cuisine is also responsible to follow all guidelines provided by the Wisconsin Union, as well as the committee’s policy to hold free and unrestricted events. If a collaborating organization would like to reserve spots specifically for their members, then they can specify the number, following approval from a WUD Cuisine representative. 

Collaboration In Our "Chefs Speak Out" Series

The Chefs Speak out series occurs on a monthly basis in Varsity I with a total of three chefs coming in throughout the semester. The Chefs Speak Out series is a programming series that brings in chefs from around the nation to share their cooking expertise, ideas, and activism while preparing tastings on a demonstration kitchen. The space food creates for inquiry, conversation, protest, and social justice is powerful because of its history in exploitation, community, and identity. Chefs Speak Out will bring a unique experience to the topics relevant to the chef’s demonstration by facilitating open discussion through the use of food as a medium of exploration. 

Help us plan one of our Chefs Speak Out cooking demonstrations by suggesting a topic, inquiring about bringing in a specific chef, contributing to the programming, presenting/facilitating events, or contributing to the turnout of the event. 

Past Invited Chefs

2019: Abeer Najjar, Ollie Walleck, Fresh Fin Poke, Elena Terry, Sean Fogarty

2020: Laila Borokhim

 While we have some limitations collaborations we have during the semester, we would love to help your RSO, program, or department with your event! Support in your event can take a number of forms, from co-funding and marketing, to logistical planning, reserving spaces, and volunteering. Collaborations of this kind must be beyond financially supporting your event. 

Submit A Collaboration Proposal

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