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Event Series

Educational Excursions

Designed to expose international and domestic students to Wisconsin and the Midwest. Trips may include Chinese New Year Parade in Chicago, Public Museum in Milwaukee, or Indian Summer in Milwaukee. 

Flavors Of The World Series

Consists of events that are focused on the connection between cultures and their food. The events include educational presentations and samples of food. Each of the events should be themed-based on a region, culture, or a specific topic (a social movement, historical events, etc). 

Social Justice Series

Events in this series focus on social movements in a specific culture, and especially movements that are not discussed much on campus. Events are intended to be a combination of a lecture and a workshop. One must find creative ways to involve the audience.

Festival Series

This series aims to bring light to a variety of holidays that are celebrated around the world, and how these holidays are significant in the lives of the people that celebrate them, both on campus and internationally. These programs include a combination of an interactive activity (can be artistic, food-related, etc.) and an educational portion, which should be presented by groups or individuals that celebrate or research these holidays/festivals.

Cultural Arts Series

Consists of events that are focused on arts and crafts of a specific culture or region. An educational component is required to make sure students attending the event learn something about a different culture or celebration. 

Major Events

Consists on large-sized events put on by the committee that attract a crowd of 200 people or more. Historically successful events have been the annual pumpkin carving in the fall semester, and the annual runaways of the world (fashion show with students) in the spring semester.


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