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Staff Directory

Leadership Team

Mark Guthier 
p. (608) 263-4463
e. mark.c.guthier@wisc.edu  

Susan Dibbell 
Deputy Director
p. (608) 263-4009
e. susan.dibbell@wisc.edu 

Paul Broadhead 
Assistant Director for Facilities Management 
p. (608) 263-4588
e. paul.broadhead@wisc.edu 

Carl Korz 
Associate Director for Dining & Hospitality Services 
p. (608) 262-8733
e. carl.korz@wisc.edu

Heidi Lang
Assistant Director for Program & Leadership Development
p. (608) 262-7860
e. heidi.lang@wisc.edu 

Jane Oberdorf
Assistant Director - Admin
p. (608) 263-3924
e. jane.oberdorf@wisc.edu


Tim Borchert
Human Resources Director
p. (608) 263-3936
e. tborchert@wisc.edu

Kevin Breese
Information Technology Director 
p. (608) 262-6201
e. kevin.breese@wisc.edu 

Shauna Breneman 
Communications Director
p. (608) 262-8862
e. sbreneman@wisc.edu

Kelly O'Loughlin 
Marketing Director  
p. (608) 263-3928
e. kelly.oloughlin@wisc.edu 

Troy Suski 
Financial Manager  
p. (608) 265-2446
e. troy.suski@wisc.edu 

Jan Viney
Donor Relations Director
p. (608) 262-5079
e. jcviney@wisc.edu

Jim Wysocky 
p. (608) 265-8789
e. jim.wysocky@wisc.edu

Dining Services

Jim Long 
Restaurant Division  
p. (608) 262-7429
e. jim.long@wisc.edu

Verne Scholl 
Markets & Cafes Division Manager
p. (608) 263-7306
e. verne.scholl@wisc.edu 

Agnes Sherman 
Conference Centers    
p. (608) 263-3074 
e. agnes.annett@ecc.uwex.edu

Lisa Wadzinske 
p. (608) 263-7145
e. lisa.wadzinske@wisc.edu 


Nancy Kujak-Ford 
Campus Event Services Director   
p. (608) 265-8012
e. nancy.kujakford@wisc.edu

Laura Richards
Conference Manager
p. (608) 265-6534
e. laura.richards@wisc.edu


Courtney Byelich
Music Committee Advisor
p. (608) 262-7593
e. byelich@wisc.edu

Jay Ekleberry 
Wheelhouse Studios Director
p. (608) 262-5759
e. jay.ekleberry@wisc.edu  

Jacob Hahn
Outdoor Programs Office Director
p. (608) 262-6897
e. jphahn@wisc.edu

Will Hoffman

Alt Breaks and Global Connections Committee Advisor
p. (608) 890-3400
e. will.hoffman@wisc.edu

Heidi Lang 
Assistant Director for Program and Leadership Development
p. (608) 262-7860
e. heidi.lang@wisc.edu

Jim Rogers
Publications and Society & Politics Advisor
p: (608) 890-1313
e: jim.rogers@wisc.edu  

Robin Schmoldt  
Union South Program Director, Art Collection Manager, Art and Film Committee Advisor 
p. (608) 890-4432
e. robin.schmoldt@wisc.edu 

Wisconsin Union Theater

Ralph Russo 
Theater Director & Performing Arts Committee Advisor
p. (608) 262-2202
e. ralph.russo@wisc.edu

Heather Macheel
Technical Director, Fredric March Play Circle
p. (608) 262-1949
e. heather.macheel@wisc.edu

Esty Dinur 
Communications, Community Relations and Publicity Director
p. (608) 262-3907
e. esty.dinur@wisc.edu

Shawn Bolduc 
Director of Audience Services
p. (608) 262-1771
e. sjbolduc@wisc.edu

Heather Good
Assistant Director Administration, Outreach & Development
p. (608) 263-6825
e. heather.good@wisc.edu

Ted Harks 
Arts on Campus Ticketing Administration
p. (608) 262-9909
e. ted.harks@wisc.edu 

Jeff Macheel
Technical Director, Shannon Hall
p. (608) 262-1949
e. jmacheel@wisc.edu

Sandy Peterson
Financial Specialist
p. (608) 262-2202
e. skpeterson4@wisc.edu