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Union Flex Dining Plan

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Enroll in the Union Flex Dining Plan

Introducing the Union Flex Dining Plan, a new dining option specially designed for students living off-campus - outside of the UW–Madison residence halls - that offers flexibility to eat at any of their favorite dining locations across campus:

  • Features over 36 Wisconsin Union dining locations at Memorial Union, Union South and cafes across campus. In addition, housing dining locations and Babcock Dairy will accept the Union Flex Dining Plan.
  • Keeps your money yours. Plan dollars roll over to the next term instead of disappearing. And any remaining balance can be returned to you when you are no longer a student.
  • Can be billed through your Student Account, and financial aid dollars can be used to pay for your selected plan.
  • Is a dedicated plan for dining purchases only — offering reassurance that your budgeted amounts are available for nutritious food throughout the term.




  • Fund with $500 
  • Fund with $1500 
  • Fund with $2500 
  • An Average of 2 meals and 4 snacks per week for the Fall 2024 term
  • An Average of 8 meals and 6 snacks per week for the Fall 2024 term
  • An Average of 14 meals and 8 snacks per week for the Fall 2024 term

 *Estimates for average meals and snacks are based on average cost for dining purchases in Wisconsin Union Locations and the total funded amount spread over 15 weeks. You decide if it's a meal or snack and when you dine.

Plus, the Union Flex Dining Plan comes with perks like free theater and concert tickets, dining specials and more. Perks will be announced throughout the term to the email on the account.

The Union Flex Dining Plan is a declining balance plan — choose the level that matches your expected use through the school term selected. The plan charge will be added to your UW-Madison Student Account. Financial aid can be applied for Fall term plans purchased before August 1st. This dining plan will start on August 15th. 

October 1st is the deadline for Fall enrollment.

Pick A Plan:

 Plans cost $500, $1,500, and $2,500 for a semester, however, any unused balances simply carryover to the next semester. The cost of the plan will be added to your student bill.  It’s that simple. If you have any questions, contact

Enroll now!



We Are Not an Allergen-Free Kitchen, Customers with Food Allergies, Please Be Aware That Our Food May Contain Or Come Into Contact With Common Allergens


  • You can sign up for the Fall 2024 semester now! If you sign up by August 1st 2024, your plan will show up on your Student Account Bill from the Bursar's office. The last day for Fall 2024 enrollment is October 1st.



  • After you enroll you can add additional money to your Union Flex Dining account if you use up all of your funds. You can add additional money to your Union Flex Dining Account through logging in on the Wiscard deposit webpage. Funds must be paid via credit card or electronic check and will not be added to the Student Account Bill from the Bursar's office.

  • The plan can only be used on food. This account cannot be used for non-food items such as textbooks, clothing, and alcohol. 

  • If you use up your dollars, you can always add more by going to the Make a Deposit page on the Wiscard website. Log in and select the “Union Flex Dining” account when making a deposit.  And if you have any dollars left over at the end of the semester, they’ll carry over to the next semester.  In fact, all of your dollars will always carryover to the following semester. And if you have any money leftover in your account when you graduate from UW-Madison, you can have the leftover dollars refunded to you.

  • Yes, If you sign up for the Go500 plan in the fall and want to switch to the Go2500 plan in the spring, you would be able to enroll in the spring enrollment period.

  • By using your Wiscard with your dining plan, you will automatically save 6% on every food purchase. Plus, you won't pay sales tax, saving you an additional 5.5% on every transaction. 

  • Most students who live off-campus find themselves dining at the Memorial Union, or Union South, or one the Wisconsin Union’s Badger Markets and cafes. So, the Wisconsin Union is sponsoring this program. But, as a bonus, this plan can be used at other dining locations on campus such as Babcock Dairy and University Housing dining facilities. 

  • When you want to eat at one of the Housing Market locations like Gordon or Rheta’s with your Union Flex Dining Plan, you will pay door price, but will receive 6% off if you use your Union Flex Dollars. 

  • Yes, while the Union Flex Dining Plan is mainly designed for students living off-campus, students in the residence halls can also supplement their primary University Housing dining plan with this new option for additional meals across campus. The Union Flex Dining Plan will be accepted at Wisconsin Union, University Housing, and Babcock Dairy dining locations.

  • If you have any questions, contact

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