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Terrace at Memorial Union

Madison's Largest Outdoor Restaurant

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Welcome to the Summer 2020 Terrace

At last the Terrace is opening!  This summer we have to do things differently so you can still safely enjoy it.  The Terrace will be more like a traditional restaurant, by reservation only, to ensure everyone is safe and socially-distanced. 

While you will need to plan ahead and follow some new procedures, the iconic sunburst chairs, beautiful lake views, gorgeous sunsets, and your food favs are still available—we just need you to complete the picture!

Hours of operation:

Hours:  2 – 9:30 pm daily
Weather permitting. We close in inclement weather.

Before you Go:

  • Make a reservation on OpenTable for a group of up to 6 (one to two days in advance). Please note: Seating is for members of the same household.
  • One person per reservation needs one of the following:
      • Wisconsin Union Membership
      • Wisconsin Alumni Association Membership
      • UW-Madison staff, faculty or student ID (Wiscard)
      • Active Military ID
  • Purchase a single-day $5 guest membership (open to everyone) if needed.
  • Download the Grubhub app to be ready to order food & beverages. (No carry-ins.)

When You Arrive:

  • Enter on the east side of Memorial Union (near Alumni Park).
  • Show your ID: Wisconsin Union membership, Wisconsin Alumni Association membership, UW-Madison faculty, staff, students ID, active Military ID or $5 single-day guest pass.
  • Show your Open Table Reservation (Smart phone required)
  • Face masks are required for the safety of our staff and other guests.  Free face masks are available at the entry gate.

The Fine Print & More: 

  • IDs will be checked at entry. Only one patron per reservation needs to have proof of Wisconsin Union or Wisconsin Alumni Association membership or a UW-Madison staff, faculty or student ID.  Anyone can be a member!  $5 single-day memberships available here
  • Our Terrace restaurant experience is new and different this summer so please check out the Plan Your Visit FAQ page for more details regarding reservations, food/beverage purchases, restroom availability, safety, parking and more.
  • Make a reservation on OpenTable for a group of up to 6 (one to two days in advance). Please note: Seating is for members of the same household.
  • Each reservation has a maximum stay of 1½ hours.
  • Maximum of 6 patrons per table and seating is for members of the same household – only 1 patron must have an ID.
  • Face masks are required upon arrival, when servers visit your table, when using the restroom and upon your departure.  Free face masks are available at the entry gate. 
  • Carry-ins are not allowed.
  • Campus parking lots are open and FREE! And we encourage walking, biking or bus. See our Getting Here and Parking pages for more details.
  • Restrooms available indoors. 
  • The Memorial Union building will remain closed, except for restroom access for Terrace patrons.
  • Exit on the east side of the Terrace near Lake Street.
  • The Terrace is only open when weather allows.  We will close for inclement weather.
  • For information during open Terrace hours call (608) 890-4437 or email during non-business hours.

–How To Terrace–

Make Your Reservation

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Order Food on GrubHub

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Terrace Menu

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FAQ's for 2020

So I can't just show up at the Terrace as I have in the past?

Unfortunately, no.  This year, the seating and space is very limited due to COVID-19 and safety efforts.  

1.  You must first check OpenTable for an available time spot for your group up to 6 (of members from the same household.) 

2.  Reservations are for 1.5 hours.

3.  Your group MUST have  one of the following to enjoy the Terrace this summer:

  • Wisconsin Union membership
  • Wisconsin Alumni Association membership
  • UW-Madison staff, faculty or student ID (Wiscard)
  • Active Military ID
  • $5 single-day guest membership
    $5 single-day memberships are open to everyone and only one per group is needed.  Buy your $5 single-day guest pass here or if you plan to join us multiple times this summer or all year, why not buy an annual or lifetime membership?  Become a Union Member.

4.  A face mask must be worn when checking in, using the restrooms, and when interacting with staff.   

How do I reserve a table on the Terrace?

New for 2020, reservations are required.  Make a reservation via OpenTable one to two days in advance. 

Please note a reservation and one of the following IDs are required (just one per group). 

  • Wisconsin Union membership
  • Wisconsin Alumni Association membership
  • UW-Madison staff, faculty or student ID (Wiscard)
  • Active Military ID
  • $5 single-day guest membership (open to anyone)

Do I have to be a Wisconsin Union member to enjoy the Terrace?

Temporarily for summer 2020 we are requiring a Wisconsin Union membership; Wisconsin Alumni Association membership, a UW-Madison staff, faculty or student ID card or an active Military ID and a reservation via OpenTable.

We invite anyone (and everyone) to buy a single-day Membership for just $5 (just one per 6-person reservation needed). 

Buy your $5 membership here (summer 2020 only).

When is the Terrace open?

The Terrace will be open DAILY from 2 to 9:30 pm. 

We will be closed for any inclement weather. 

How do I order food this year?

All food and beverage orders will need to be placed through the Grub Hub app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play

Once you download and set up Grub Hub, you will also need to add the UW-Madison CAMPUS link to your account:

  1. Click "My Grubhub" at the bottom of the screen
  2. Click the settings symbol in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click"Campus Dining" and "Find your campus"
  4. Search "University of Wisconsin - Madison" and click "Add affiliation"
  5. Select which kind of user you are (Ex. "Student" or "Staff") and click "Next"
  6. [optional] Add your WISCARD for payment
  7. To order, search "The Terrace" for all Terrace menu offerings

Your food will be delivered to your assigned table. 

Browse the Menu


What about restrooms?

This summer, there will be specific restrooms available for use inside Memorial Union.

Face masks are recommended when inside the building. 

What are Terrace COVID Procedures?

Some new Terrace operations practices for health and safety include exclusively cashless payments, not permitting outside food or beverages, not permitting the moving of tables or chairs to ensure physical distancing, seating being available by reservation only, food and beverage delivery to patrons’ seating areas, the removal of self-serve condiments and beverages option, the requirement that all Union team members wear face coverings and gloves, at least six feet of distance between seating area, modified capacity to allow for physical distancing, and scheduled cleanings of seating areas between reservations.

Can I bring in food and drinks from somewhere else?

For summer 2020, no outside food or beverages are allowed.  Purchase is required via Grubhub web or smart phone app. 

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Is the Terrace Kid-Friendly?

Yes! Kids and people of all ages are welcome to enjoy our outdoor restaurant.

How do I get to the Terrace? Parking?

Walk, bus, bike, run... and if you must drive, parking in campus lots is FREE.  Yes, you read that right.  The UW-Campus parking lots are not charging parking fees this summer. 

See our Getting Here and Parking pages for the classic list of options. 

Will there be music or other activities?

This summer we will operate our dining (restaurant) only part of the Terrace.  So there is no entertainment but there will sun, chairs, lake views, food, beverages and YOU.

May I bring my dog?

Dogs, with the exception of service dogs, are not allowed in the Terrace, Alumni Park or the fenced-in portion of Lakeshore Path.

Is the Terrace accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes, as of the 2016 renovations, the Memorial Union Terrace is accessible for all of our members and their guests.

Are there any rules I should know before I go to the Terrace?

Click here to read our patron code of conduct and Terrace rules.

I have more questions. Whom may I contact?

For any questions, concerns, or feedback about Terrace reservations, please email  For information during open Terrace hours call (608) 890-4437.

The Memorial Union phone line is not able to assist with questions about Terrace reservations.

Are face masks required?

Yes, for the safety of our staff and other guests, we are requiring a mask upon arrival, when servers visit your table, when using the restroom and upon your departure.

We will have free face masks available at the entry gate.