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The Wisconsin Union Dining Services Division is committed to becoming good stewards of the earth by reducing environmental impact of short-term and long-term business plans.

The process has begun by forming campus and community partnerships, evaluating current operations, implementing new programs and getting staff and students informed and involved.

By supporting the Wisconsin Union, you are supporting practices that create a better environment.

UW Madison Campus Initiatives

For more information about the sustainable initiatives on campus, check out the Green Dining Map created by an undergraduate group project for the UW Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies food sustainability capstone.

Wisconsin Union Initiatives

  • Composting: Compost bins are being adapted at locations throughout Wisconsin Union restaurants, markets & cafes. The University produces about 4 tons of compost each week that is used for fertilizer and landscaping projects on campus.
  • Waste Reducing Biodegradable Products: All plates and to-go containers have been changed from Styrofoam to Nature Friendly biodegradable sugar-cane bagasse products.
  • Receipt Reduction Program: Receipts are only printed for necessary transactions (merchandise and credit card sales or by request) saving the Wisconsin Union approximately 247.5 miles of receipt paper annually.
  • Local Food Options: Breads and bakery items are made locally.  Produce is purchased from local farmers during their growing seasons whenever possible.
  • Reusable Mugs and Water Bottles: Customers are rewarded for being environmentally-friendly—all Union Restaurants, Markets & Cafes offer discounts on coffee and soda if you bring your own mug.  Don’t have one? The Wisconsin Union sells mugs than can be reused.
  • Devoted People: A Wisconsin Union Food Committee focuses on sustainability and constantly analyzes current dining operations and researches ways to become more sustainable.