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Sustainability At a Glance

The Wisconsin Union Dining Services Division cares about preserving our planet for future generations, and is committed to implementing sustainable practices that reduce the environmental impact of short and long term business plans. In recent years, the Wisconsin Union has shifted practices to create a more favorable environmental impact. This includes the transition from styrofoam to-go boxes to a biodegradable sugarcane-based box, and use of bioplastic disposable silverware. The Wisconsin Union will continue to grow campus and community partnerships and consistently evaluate operations, implementing new programs and practices along the way. 

Please take a moment to explore the sustainable practices that the Wisconsin Union has initiated, and what's next on the radar. 

UW–Madison Campus

The University of Wisconsin–Madison takes a great deal of pride in it's sustainable practices. In all campus facilities, students, staff, and visitors will find a variety of resources available to make smarter choices that positively impact our planet. 

The UW–Madison campus is home to it's own recycling facility, which collects nearly 5,000 tons of waste and nearly 4,000 tons of recycling annually. Special bins in campus buildings allow easy sorting of trash, recyclables and compostable material, in turn creating a lower level of contamination and lower processing costs. Across campus, there are several specialty item recycling bins for items such as laptops, glasses, batteries and styrofoam. Please see this interactive map for drop off locations and additional information. 

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