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Wisconsin Union Directorate Society and Politics is a non-partisan group of students that make it easy for people to talk, listen, and learn about the current events and challenges facing society. Committee members program all types of events on campus covering a wide range of topics. Bringing together diverse students, faculty, staff, members and guests with a rich range of values and ideas (allows) us to get to know and understand one another. Throughout the process, students learn about themselves and the world around us while also building long-lasting friendships.

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All free events sponsored by WUD Society and Politics Committee are intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff and Union members and guests.

WUD Society & Politics Past Events 

  • 2016-2017
    • John Bascom & the Origin of the Wisconsin Idea
    • Conservation & the Wisconsin Idea: An Evolving Legacy
    • The Corruption of the Wisconsin Idea: ALEC & Other Developments
    • Laboratory of Oligarchy
    • Election Panel Discussion & Viewing
    • Electoral Dysfunction Documentary Screening & Panel
    • Broadcasting the Wisconsin Idea: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State that Invented It
    • Wisconsin Idea, Imperialist Nostalgia & Remaking of a Shared Future
    • Tar Sands Pipelines: Race, Health & Human Rights
    • Academics Shaping the Wisconsin Dialogue on LGBT History
    • Presidential Debate Viewing & Discussion
    • Foreign Policy Discussion
    • Criminal Justice in Wisconsin: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
    • The Fall Government Careers Workshop Series: Federal Jobs
    • Laboratory of Oligarchy
    • The Accidental Change Agent with Sharon Hadary
    • The 8 Essential Strategies Successful Women Know Workshop - Sharon Hadary
    • Presidential Debate Viewing & Discussion
    • Write a Winning Federal Resume
    • Gender  & the Election: Janet Hyde, Jane Collins, Jenny Higgins, Ellen Samuels
    • A Psychedelic Conversation: Drs. Richard Miller, Allan Ajaya, Nicholas Dozzi
    • The Politics of Resentment: Kathy Kramer
    • Borrowing Limulus: the Multi-Kingdom Ingredient
    • The Election & Education: A Policy Discussion of Education Issues with Walter Stern, Nancy Kendall, & Leland Pan
    • Future of Concealed Carry in America with Panel with David Kopel, John Davenport & Angela Stroud
    • Find & Apply for Jobs/Internships with Federal Government Agencies
    • Election Viewing at Union South Marquee, the Sett, & Memorial Union
    • The Future of Wisconsin Public Higher Education with Dr. Katherine Cramer
    • Evicted: Poverty & Profit in the American City
    • Rock Shop of the Anthropocene
    • Make Your Own Rock Shop of Wonders
    • Environment, Land, & the Wisconsin Idea
    • BadgerCare: From Test Case to Worst Case
    • Imperialist Nostalgia & Remaking of a Shred Future with Aaron Bird
    • Lived Religion in Wisconsin
    • Humble, Hungry, & Helpful, Being Indispensable, Louis Holland


  • Presidential Republican Candidate Debate Viewing
  • Jennicet Guiterez -- Immigration & Trans Rights
  • Government Workshop Series
  • Presidential Democratic Candidate Viewing
  • Dr. King's Pro-Israel Legacy with Dumisani Washington
  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling-Four Successful Businesswomen Share Experiences
  • Government Workshop Series
  • Psychedelics: Past, Present, & Future with Nick Cozzi, Michael Crowley, Allan Ajaya
  • Government Workshop Series: Federal Hiring
  • US Presidential Republican Candidate Viewing
  • Colonial Zionism by Seif Dana
  • What about Immigration: Professors Taeuber, McKinnons & Chavez Discuss What to Look for in the 2016 Election
  • Unwelcome Americans: Racial Profiling in a Post 9/11 Era
  • US Presidential Democratic Candidate Debate Viewing
  • Dr. Rissman Federal Event: Major & Labor Markets in the Post-Reception Economy
  • Poverty, Inc. Film Screening & Discussion
  • State of the European Union: After Paris, What's Next?
  • In Solidarity: From Ferguson to Mexico to Palestine
  • Candlelight Vigil: #PrayfortheWorld (for Paris)
  • US Presidential Republican Candidate Debate Viewing
  • Democratic Presidential Candidate Debate Viewing
  • Canada & COP 21: A Conversation with Canadian Consul General Roy Norton
  • Society & Politics Kickoff
  • Republican Presidential Candidate Debate Viewing
  • A Legacy of Mistrust: Colonial Medicine in the Global Present
  • The Promise of Paris: Connecting Wisconsin & the UN Climate Talks
  • US President Democratic Candidate Debate Viewing
  • Athiests, Humanists, & Agnostics vs. Badger Catholics Debate
  • Syrian Refugee Crisis Talk by Ellen Small Billard
  • Government Workshop Series: Find & Apply to Jobs with Federal Gov. Agencies (Marie Koko)
  • Joel Chasnoff Presents: Israel - What's the Story?
  • The Politics of Resentment: Rural Consciousness in Wisconsin & the Rise of Scott Walker with Kathy Kramer
  • US President Republican Debate Viewing
  • Government Workshop Series: Find & Apply for Jobs with State Government Agencies
  • Society & Politics Super Tuesday Election Night Coverage
  • Super Primary Tuesday Viewing
  • Government Workshop Series: Writing a Winning Resume (Marie Koko)
  • UW President Democratic Debate Viewing
  • Democratic Presidential Primary Debate in Flint
  • Future of Syria:Robert Ford
  • Transcend Madison: Entrepreneurial Conference
  • The Syrian Civil War: Russian & US Intervention & the Prospects for Peace
  • World Water Celebration Keynote
  • World Water Celebration Roundtable
  • We the 350: Stories of Poverty, Racism, & Incarceration in Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Primary Election Results
  • Seeking Refuge: A Journey to Refuge Advocacy, Subhi Nahas
  • Ending Rape: Addressing Sexual Assault Violence on Campus with Dr. Keith Edwards
  • Jennifer Morales on "Meet Me Halfway"
  • The Future of Free Trade: US & Asia
  • An Evening with Actor, HIV Activist Daniel Franzese
  • US, EU, & Trade Policy 2016
  • Towards Unity: Understanding Shia Islan with Sheikkh Sayyid Sulayman
  • The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women & How All Men Can Help
  • Health Inequality & Inequity in the U.S & Globally
  • Mark Pocan
  • Psychedelics with Nick Cozzi
  • North Korea 101
  • Flavors of the World: Cuba
  • An Evening with Dean Strang
  • Raj Patel Talk 
  • 2014-2015
    • Asian Religions & the Environment
    • Deep Web with Nick Davis
    • Government Workshop Series: Write a Winning Federal Resume
    • One Year Later: The Ukraine Crisis
    • College Republicans vs. College Democrats
    • "Price of Sand" Film Screening
    • Badger Catholics vs. Atheists, Humanists, & Agnostics
    • Election Night with Society & Politics
    • Ethical Dilemmas in the Political Classroom
    • ISIS: A Panel Discussion
    • Psychedelics with Nicholas Cozzi, Ph.D., & Adele Getty, M.A.
    • Liberty in North Korea Documentary Viewing


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Upcoming Events

February 22nd | 7:00pm

Russia and the US Election: Cyberwar and Future Conflict

Union South
Join us to hear UW-Madison professors discuss the Russian involvement and motivations in the 2016 US Elections.

February 24th | 12:00pm

Find Jobs/Internships w/ Federal Gov’t Agencies

Union South
This work shop will help you apply for and land your dream job with the Federal Government!

February 24th | 12:00pm

Find Jobs/Internships w/ State Gov’t Agencies

Union South
This workshop will help you understand and navigate internships and jobs with State Government Agencies!

February 27th | 6:30pm

Meet the Graduates Series: Chemistry Research on Campus

Union South
Three UW-Madison chemistry and biochemistry graduate students speak on the research they are conducting on campus.

March 3rd | 12:00pm

Write a Winning Federal Resume

Union South
This workshop will teach you the tips and tricks that will help your resume stand out to Federal hiring managers.