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Performing Arts

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A Place to Be Involved with the Stage

Performing Arts Committee

Want to get involved with the stage? Join a Performing Arts Committee meeting or apply to be a 2020-2021 Associate Director!

The Wisconsin Union Directorate Performing Arts Committee plans and promotes events for the historic Wisconsin Union Theater stage, ranging from modern dance and classical concerts, to travel adventure films and Broadway musicals. The Performing Arts Committee programs a variety of events to provide a diverse and cultural experience for students, faculty, alumni, and the Madison area community. The Performing Arts Committee members also have the unique opportunity to work directly with artists throughout the booking process and on the day of show.

Through the Concert Series, Jazz Series, World Stage Series, and special events, our committee selects a season that offers artistic integrity, diversity, and campus outreach and involvement between the performers and students.

All free events sponsored by WUD Performing Arts Committee are intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff, Union members, and guests.

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Get In Touch

Steven Beda, Director

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Committee Meetings

Weekly Meetings: Mondays, 6:00pm
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Upcoming Events


December 3rd | 8:00pm

Christian Sands Trio

Wisconsin Union Theater
Rising bandleader and jazz pianist.


December 11th | 7:30pm

Jeremy Denk

Wisconsin Union Theater
Dazzling pianist with senstive and witty phrasing.


January 29th | 7:30pm

Verona Quartet

Wisconsin Union Theater
String quartet with a reputation for compelling interpretations of contemporary music.


February 28th | 7:30pm

Meccore Quartet

Wisconsin Union Theater
One of Europe's most compelling string ensembles!


April 15th | 7:30pm

Brentano Quartet

Wisconsin Union Theater
String quartet known for luxurisouly warm sound and yearning lyricism.


May 1st | 7:30pm

Sō Percussion with Special Guest Caroline Shaw

Wisconsin Union Theater
Percussion ensemble on the leading edge of 21st-century music.