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Who We Are

Society and Politics is a non-partisan group of students who program events that make it easy for people to talk, listen, and learn about the current events and challenges facing society.

What We Do

Committee members satisfy their curiosities about society’s challenges by planning events and projects that can inform and invigorate the campus community. Our goal is to bring the issues into focus through discussions, speakers, debates, documentaries, and more. We aim to create a forum for people to learn and share their different perspectives and opinions without worrying about senseless bickering or a competition for who can talk the longest and loudest.

Our events can cover any topic, and we are not limited to any set of issues; from the minimum wage to the wars in the Middle East to psychedelics, we leave no stone unturned. We value involvement at every level and whether you want to help design programs for others to enjoy, or engage in the programs that we do put on, you will meet many great people and learn a lot about yourself and the world around us in the process.

For Students, By Students

Student members complete every aspect of the programming process. From creating publicity and writing press releases to introducing renowned speakers in front of hundreds of people, students are encouraged to use their creative specialties, whatever they may be. Students have the opportunity to choose what issues they want to focus on and then how to enact on these issues. The committee is truly for the students, by the students.

Get Involved

Society and Politics meets every Wednesday at 6pm. Whether you want to plan an event or just listen to others talk, anyone is welcome throughout the semester! Drop by a meeting to share your opinions and ideas while also hearing what your peers have to say.