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New Location for Van Galder Tickets

Looking to pick up a Van Galder bus ticket to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport or Chicago's downtown Union Station?

Van Galder bus ticket sales has been moved to StudentPrint, located at 333 East Campus Mall (3rd floor, room 3301). Tickets are available during StudentPrint’s business hours of Monday-Friday from 10am-5:30pm. This is a service for people who do not have access to purchase the tickets online.

This location is accessible via elevator from the University Square Parking Garage on Lake Street or the pedestrian entrance on Campus Mall, and will leave you just a couple blocks away from the nearest Van Galder pick-up location at 250 N Lake St.

As determined by Coach USA there is no discount for the Wisconsin Union Members, as well as the ticket prices for in store sales. 

You can view all of Van Galder’s destinations on their website.

Questions? Contact StudentPrint directly at 608-262-6216, or email, Cash, credit card and Wiscard are all acceptable forms of payment.

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New Location for Van Galder Tickets

Attention Students: You're A Member

While you're a UW-Madison student, you're a member of the Wisconsin Union. 

That means you receive the access, discounts and benefits that come with membership, like:

  • Student pricing at:
    • Wisconsin Union Theater (most shows are just $10!)
    • Sett Recreation
    • Wheelhouse Studios
    • Outdoor UW
  • Save $ on Van Galder bus tickets to Chicago
  • Join one of the six Wisconsin Hoofers clubs
Attention Students: You're A Member

 Be the first to learn about member-exclusive events and specials as well as the latest news about upcoming Union events such as music, lectures, and more.


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