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Band Resources

So You Want to Play the Union?

Send us stuff! We prefer electronic press kits. Please email a cover letter and attachments to with the subject: [Band Name] Press Kit, [Genre].

If you must send a physical press kit, please mail to:

Music Committee - Attn: (your genre)
Memorial Union
800 Langdon St., Room 5231
Madison, WI 53706

Appoint a band contact with whom committee reps should speak. Speaking with one person rather than several makes the process much more efficient.

Things to Keep In Mind

  1. We meet only once a week to book, which means there may be a long delay before you are contacted. Getting committee approval for the band, the funding, the location and preparing the necessary paperwork takes a while. Give us time—most of us don't get paid.

  2. If you are a local or lesser-known band, you are more likely to play the Union as an opener. We normally book well-known or national touring acts for headlining slots. All our shows are free and well attended; therefore playing the Union is great exposure.

  3. Although we may be students, we know our stuff. We have experience in booking and are trained on going rates for artists – many WUD Music Committee alumni are currently employed in agencies. In addition, we do free shows: we're booking for the sake of giving people high quality music for free or cheap. We're an entirely non-profit entity that is here to showcase music with the best venues in town. (We are lucky, and so are you).

  4. Lastly, we get tons of promotional materials from bands and book only a few shows per weekend. We can't accommodate everybody. It's nothing against your band or your genre; it just might be that your style of music may not be what we're looking for at this time.