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Leadership Awards

Each year the Wisconsin Union recognizes outstanding students for their notable contributions to the Union, the university, and the community. Award recipients will be notified of their award each April and are invited to a ceremony in honor of their accomplishments; all awards come with a monetary stipend and a lifetime membership to the Wisconsin Union.

The Bradley, Hoofer Leadership, Frautschi, Ginsberg, and Union Trustee Awards are only available to students who have some affiliation with the Wisconsin Union, however, the Pancoe, Butts, McCammond, and Herman Awards are open to all current students, including part-time and graduate students. Students are also welcome to self-nominate.

Click on the links below to learn about the different leadership awards, eligibility, and the nominations process.

Nominations are due each March 25, 2022 by 5 pm. 

More Details On Each Award:

  • The Dr. Harold C. Bradley Leadership Award is presented annually to a student member of Wisconsin Hoofers who has demonstrated excellent leadership qualities though overall involvement in Hoofer Club activities with special emphasis on recognizing a student whose involvement with Hoofers goes beyond participation in a single club or activity. Other award criteria should include, but not be limited to, enthusiasm, team building, dedication, commitment and work ethic, leadership qualities, and an overall attitude that exemplifies the Hoofer spirit. 


  • The Henry B. Herman Award is presented annually to an undergraduate or graduate student who comes from New York City or its metropolitan area, and who has demonstrated concern for community through community service, innovative programming, an appropriate single deed, or other similar kinds of service to others.

  • The Hoofer Leadership Awards are presented annually to student members of Wisconsin Hoofers who have demonstrated excellent leadership qualities in Hoofer club activities. Award criteria should include, but not be limited to, enthusiasm, team building, dedication, commitment and work ethic, leadership qualities, and an overall attitude that exemplifies the Hoofer spirit.

  • The Lowell Frautschi Leadership Award is to be made each year to a student(s) associated with the Wisconsin Union who has shown over a period of time, growth and talent in leadership skills and practice, has proven such leadership development in conjunction with the programs, activities or services and has demonstrated an understanding and awareness of the ideals of The Wisconsin Union. Examples of leadership skills include collaboration, communication, continuous learning and improvement, flexibility, initiative, and service orientation. 

  • The Marion McCammond Award recognizes an outstanding student of color who has made contributions to the University community, greater Madison community, or the student's hometown.

  • The Ginsberg Family Award for Leadership, Service and Scholarship is presented to a junior or senior student, affiliated with the Wisconsin Union, who has demonstrated a record of outstanding leadership and/or service to the community along with a strong and consistent academic performance (minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average). 

  • The Porter Butts Creative Arts Award is presented to a student who has contributed to furthering the arts.

  • The Union Trustee Leadership Award is awarded each year to a student or group of students who have demonstrated dependability and dedication, creativity, resourcefulness, demonstrated group interaction and leadership qualities. 

  • The Walter Pancoe Partnership/Leadership Award is awarded to a member of any recognized UW-Madison fraternity or sorority who has demonstrated participation and/or leadership qualities through involvement in his/her fraternity/sorority and with significant participation in the Wisconsin Union and Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) is eligible.

    The nomination is to come from the fraternity or sorority.

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