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Wisconsin Union Directorate (WUD) is student-run. We empower our peers to make decisions, giving them the authority to plan the events they know our campus will appreciate.

Every member of a WUD committee has a say in programming; from voting on which bands and speakers to bring to campus to suggesting and executing events, you can develop your leadership skills and make an impact! Each committee has Associate Directors to help guide the group's programming, along with a Director who oversees the overall vision and execution of events. 

There are three Officers (President, Vice President of External Relations, Vice President of Internal Relations) that oversee 10 WUD committee directors and the Hoofer Council President. The Directors and the Hoofer Council President lead a team of Associate Directors and Coordinators and report to the Officers, and Officers report to the greater Wisconsin Union. These 14 student positions make up Directorate, a subcommittee of Union Council. As the governing body of the Wisconsin Union, Union Council is composed of a student majority, along with Union staff members, alumni, and faculty representatives.

Wisconsin Union Officers 2018-19

Tanvi Tilloo, President

Alison Hovind, Vice President of External Relations

Gretchen Trast, Vice President of Internal Relations