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Marketing Resources

A Guide to Marketing documents, workflow and guides

  • Guides, logos, fonts and supporting documents for Wisconsin Union and supporting brands

    These are currently on Marketing's server, the Rathshelter, in the BRAND folders, organized by unit.

    It is also located and accessible to clients in this BOX folder.

    This is managed by Marketing Creative Manager.

  • Business cards can be ordered through Digital Publishing & Printing Services (DPPS) using this guide. There are templates for Standard Union, Wisconsin Union Directorate and Hoofers cards.

    You will need your internal unit's funding string to complete the transaction. 

    Please contact Jessica Seeland at with any questions.


  • Formal Logo Policy, approved by Union Council in 2015

    This link will take you to the formal policy around logo development and use through Wisconsin Union.

  • This document shows where all the Memorial Union and Union South screens are located, what channel be playing on which screen, info on each channel and sizes for each zone within the channels.  

  • Website Event Calendar Images

    Be sure to add an image to every event. The correct and required image size is 1200 pixels wide x 800 pixels high, under 500 kb. JPG is the file format.

    Here are a few tools to help crop photos for the website event calendar.

  • VMMs are student photographers/videographers hired to cover WUD and Union events. VMM coverage is by request and first-come, first-served availability and is free to use. 

    Use this form to request VMM coverage for WUD & Union Events.

    For all other Union marketing photography or video requests, email Tamsin Ford:


  • Anyone outside of the Union or UW who wants to film & take photos in Memorial Union or Union South needs to request PERMISSION.  Even Students.

    Have them fill out the form on this page, which goes to the Marketing Rep. for photo/video, which then starts a workflow for approval or denial.  

  • Access the Wisconsin Union Photo Selects & Archive

    Located at

    View the Wisconsin Union Photoshelter Guidebook here.

    This is managed by the Marketing Department

    Photos For All Areas Of The Union

    Photos are located on the Rathshelter in the Scans_Images folder. Organized by unit.

    This is managed by the Marketing Production Manager and the Marketing Creative Manager as received by the Senior Marketing Specialist.

    The Photo Freelancer Worksheet indicates process and what photo sets have been processed for selects.  This is located on the Rathshelter in the Scans_Images folder, in the Freelancer Photo folder.

  • University Marketing and Communications

    These are great resources for beautiful, high-resolution campus photos. 

     Photo library

  • CMS Manual And Tutorial Videos

    Did you forget how to create an event or need more information on a specific page template? Check out our website's CMS Manual and some tutorial videos to jog your memory.



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