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Marketing Resources

A Guide to Marketing documents, workflow and guides

  • 6-month forecast of marketing initiatives

    Located in this Google Doc.

    This is managed by the Marketing Director.

  • Reserve a Graphic Order number for a new GO

    Located in this Google Doc.

    This is managed by Marketing Production Manager

  • Graphic Order System

    We currently use Active Collab for our order taking system.

    Information on how to use the system can be found here! updated 05.18.18

    Each graphic request must have a completed Graphic Order then submitted to the Marketing Production Manager.

  • View of annual graphic orders + status

    This is for the current fiscal year.

    Located in this Google Doc.

    It is managed by Marketing Production Manager.

  • Helpful guide to common marketing deliverables, sizes, cost, timeframes

    Located in this Google Doc.

  • Guides, logos, fonts and supporting documents for Wisconsin Union and supporting brands

    These are currently on Marketing's server, the Rathshelter, in the BRAND folders, organized by unit.

    It is also located and accessible to clients in this BOX folder.

    This is managed by Marketing Creative Manager.

  • Formal Logo Policy, approved by Union Council in 2015

    This link will take you to the formal policy around logo development and use through Wisconsin Union.

  • Content schedule for Digital Signage suite and website promotion

    Schedule an ad on the digital screens or on the website thought the Weekly Digital Content doc.

  • This document shows where all the Memorial Union and Union South screens are located, what channel be playing on which screen, info on each channel and sizes for each zone within the channels.  

  • Access the Wisconsin union Photo Selects & Archive

    Located at

    View the Wisconsin Union Photoshelter Guidebook here.

    This is managed by the Marketing Department

    Photos For All Areas Of The Union

    Photos are located on the Rathshelter in the Scans_Images folder.  Organized by unit.

    This is managed by the Marketing Production Manager and the Marketing Creative Manager as received by the Senior Marketing Specialist.

    The Photo Freelancer Worksheet indicates process and what photo sets have been processed for selects.  This is located on the Rathshelter in the Scans_Images folder, in the Freelancer Photo folder.

  • VMMs are student photographers/videographers hired to cover WUD and Union events. VMM coverage is by request and first-come, first-served availability and is free to use. 

    Use this form to request VMM coverage for WUD & Union Events.

    For all other Union marketing photography or video requests, email Monica Slater:

    Contact and Policy guide - TBD

    We also maintain a photo schedule and budget plan. This google doc spreadsheet is used to capture major events that are part of the editorial request for photo/video.

  • Anyone outside of the Union or UW who wants to film & take photos in Memorial Union or Union South needs to request PERMISSION.  Even Students.

    Have them fill out the form on this page, which goes to the Marketing Rep. for photo/video, which then starts a workflow for approval or denial.  

  • Photo and video capture for major efforts, 2014 through 2018

    2014 Video MarComm
    2015 Video MarComm
    2016 Video MarComm
    2017 Video MarComm
    2018 Video MarComm 

    This is managed by the Senior Marketing Specialist 

  • CMS Manual And Tutorial Videos

    Did you forget how to create an event or need more information on a specific page template? Check out our website's CMS Manual and some tutorial videos to jog your memory.



  • University Marketing and Communications

    These are great resources for beautiful, high-resolution campus photos. 


    New photo library

  • Brand Voice and Guidelines

    This social media guideline lists our voice, character, tone, language, and purpose. 

    This flowchart indicates what type of content will be posted on each social media channel. This is subject to the social media manager's discretion but is a good starting point. 

  • Website Event Calendar Images

    Be sure to add an image to every event. The correct and required image size is 1160 pixels wide x 700 pixels high.

    Here are a few tools to help crop photos for the website event calendar.

  • This Google Docs separates out the most common ad rates and sizes used by Marketing. 

    This Google Doc is the current Advertising Spreadsheet that lists all current placed ads or ads to be placed.  

    Any questions, see Angela. 

  • Calendar of editorial team efforts and stories

    Located in this google doc.

    This document is managed by the Communications Director. 

  • This information is on the WUD Marketing Resources. We wanted to make it Available here for any marketing needs as well.... 


    Steps To Getting Media Attention

    1. Determine your goals
    2. Determine your target audience(s)
    3. Identify your key messages
    4. Identify available communication channels, including those you own/control, such as social media
    5. Determine the strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats associated with your effort
    6. Determine your strategies/tactics, including a timeline for those tactics
    7. Create your media list (please include your advisor and Shauna Breneman,, on your list for FYI)
    8. Implement your tactics
    9. Evaluate your success based on your pre-determined goals

    Click here to access public relations templates.

    Click here to access the official Wisconsin Union style guide. Please use this for grammar and style standards in documents that are to be distributed externally. 

    Need Help Spreading The Word About About Something Newsworthy Through The Media?

    Shauna Breneman, your Wisconsin Union communications director, is here and ready to help. Services offered include but are not limited to:

    • Press release composition and/or editing
    • Media alert/advisory composition and/or editing
    • Press release and/or alert distribution to media outlets
    • Custom media distribution lists
    • Blog article composition
    • Media training
    • Crisis communication assistance
    • Public relations plan composition

    You can reach Shauna at (608) 262-8862 or or find her on the 5th Floor of Memorial Union in the directors office.

  • Looking for our awesome Marketing blog?  This is where we give examples, recaps and brag a bit about some of the awesome work we do for our brand and clients.  

    The Marketing Production Manager and Junior Designer manage the updating of these pages.  All content comes from the Marketing Specialist. 

  • This annual calendar gives a snapshot for high level promotion areas that should be cross promoted on our channels.

  • The Production Manager Guide is an in-depth resource on all marketing operations, workflow and financials:

    View the Google Doc

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