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Technical Details


Because of limited space in the theater and the high volume of events in our space, we cannot store set pieces, costumes, or other items following your event. Please strike all items immediately following your show. A per day storage fee will be assessed for items left behind; unclaimed items will be discarded after 5 business days.

Script/Tech Chart:

You will need to provide our staff with either a script of your performance or a tech chart, so that we may facilitate your sound/lighting/video projection needs. The tech chart is an excel doc that we ask renters to fill out if their show has multiple parts or multiple groups performing.  It can take the place of a script in terms of letting us know what is going to happen on stage and in what order.  

Use of Open Flame:

Use of open flame on stage is strictly regulated and requires advance communication with the local fire department and additional trained staff on the stage crew. Groups that plan to light a candle, light a match, or use any other stage effects with an open flame must make arrangements at time of contract signing (at least 2 weeks out). There is a $500 fee for violating open flame protocols during an event.

Equipment List

  • Contact the General Manager at

  • (4) black 24” cubes

  • Black, padded, armless orchestra chairs readily available.  We have a small variety of other chairs with armrests.  Please discuss needs with technical director.

    rsz 1chairs

  • Play Circle: Black or white, Harlequin Reversible

    Shannon Hall: black, Harlequin Standfast

  • Projection and Computers Wisconsin Union Theater video inventory can be found on Box.

    Projectors take an input from a source (often a computer, but can also use BluRay/DVD player) and project an image onto a surface. In Shannon Hall we can project the image onto the white cyc on the back wall of the stage, or we can fly in a screen closer to the front of the stage. In the Play Circle the projector is hung on a mount from the ceiling between the 2nd and 3rd electrics and projects onto the cyc at the back of the stage.

    We are able to take sound from the source and put it through the main sound system in either space. Please let us know prior to your event whether you need an audio feed.

    We have several options for the kind of cable to use to connect the input source to the projector (or in some cases to a video switcher – the tech. director or stagehands will decide what your event needs). We prefer to use an HDMI cable. If you have an older computer that does not use HDMI as an output please let us know. Here are some images that may help you figure out what you have:

    Projection and computers



    Many older Macbooks have proprietary connections and we do not carry adaptors. Please bring an adaptor (to HDMI or VGA) with your computer.

  • Both media players are available

  • USA flag and State of Wisconsin flag with 6’ poles and bases

  • (Shannon Hall only) – see lighting inventory

  • Variety of colors and sizes.  Gaff tape is the only tape allowed on the stage floors.

  • Haze

    An atmospheric effect that will basically put “liquid dust” (a fine mist) into the air to enhance lighting. It makes beams of light visible and is used in almost any large concert. Our hazers are Reel EFX DF50’s that use a food-grade mineral oil-based fluid. The effect is quiet, there is no smell, and the effect lasts a long time. These hazers can be used in Shannon Hall and the Play Circle as long as they are controlled (i.e. they may not be allowed to run for hours with no breaks). Here is a picture of haze in use during a concert:


    Reel EFX DF50

    • Fill with REEL EFX Diffusion Fluid (stored in Jeff’s Office)
    • This machine is generally paired with a fan. The hazer and the fan can share the same 15A circuit (or dimmer – AS LONG AS THE DIMMER IS IN SWITCHED MODE)
    • Control:
      • Control the fan and the hazer together by creating a channel on the lightboard patched with the dimmer they are plugged into
      • OR use the switch on the back of the hazer
    • Two of these hazers will fill the stage within 10-20 minutes of turning them on (depending on airflow/set pieces/masking, etc) and the effect will last for 30 minutes or so. They should not be run continuously for more than 30 minutes.


    An atmospheric effect that creates a low-lying cloud effect. We have a smoke machine (Martin Magnum 2000) that uses special fluid to create a heavy fog. Our machine produces a visible cloud of smoke that runs along the ground and then rises. It does not last long, and disappears in about 30 seconds (per blast). The machines do make noise that the audience may be able to hear. The smoke also does have a slight smell to it. One machine can cover about 1/4th the stage for a brief time.

    Martin Magnum 2000

    • Fill with Jem Heavy Fog Fluid B2 mix (stored in Jeff’s Office)
    • This machine needs a single 15A circuit.
    • Control with control panel on back of machine, or use XLR extension to move control panel to another location.
    • Machine can be used with its pair with one run as master (with control panel) and the other connected with XLR extension and run as slave.
  • (1) Green laser pointer

  • Washer and dryer located in the basement Wardrobe room

  • (3) different sizes available

    rsz lectern with dimensions

  • Inventory available on UW Box

  • (1) 20” mirror ball with motor

    • Wenger Roughneck stands
    • LED stand lights can be used with AAA batteries or plugged in
    • rsz music stand with light
  • (2) concert grands; one is set up for classical music and one for jazz

  • Limited supply of hardware and fabric- Please discuss needs with technical director

  • Selection of Wenger StageTek platforms (4’x8’) with 8” legs, 16-28” legs, 12” Roll-a-Deck legs (on wheels). 4' squares and right triangle platforms now available as well.

  • Shannon Hall: (2) staircases from the outside aisles of Shannon Hall to the stage.  The default position in in-place.  Please discuss your needs with the technical director

  • rsz stools

  • Selection of 6 and 8 foot folding tables (2’ deep, 30” tall), 2 wooden 24”x18” tables (32” tall), and a small variety of odd sizes.

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