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Bridging the Gap: The Crisis of Climate Change and Performance Art


The Seldoms are coming back to the Wisconsin Union Theater with their newest production, and I couldn’t be more excited! Their new show, titled FLOE, is a dance performance that discusses climate change and the tumultuous social discourse that surrounds it in the modern political landscape.

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Sam Wood harvesting sweet potatoes with the CALS research plots in the Eagle Heights Community Garden

I am really looking forward to the performance as it covers really potent and timely political issues. I am involved in many green orgs on campus and this show is the intersection of all of my interests. It’s not everyday that I can tell everyone around me about a show that I know they will all be interested in and will be able to take things away from.

Even if people aren’t interested in dance, the pressing issue of climate change is so important and there needs to be a more open discussion between people of all party affiliations, ages, and socioeconomic standings. Climate change is not an issue of economics or political party, it is frankly a threat to all of humanity and is something we must take action on.

It is performances like FLOE that make art really powerful and worth it. Not only is it a really beautiful dance performance, but it also covers topics that are pertinent and relevant. FLOE uses dance as a way to shed light and foster discussion about important issues. Art should have a lasting impact and make statements that linger even after the curtain falls, and FLOE does just that.

In the impending doom of irreversible change, melting ice caps, and incredible amounts of corporation pollution, the discussion regarding the way companies and consumers use material goods has never been more important.

FLOE uses dance as a way to shed light and foster discussion about important issues.

I really hope people come to see FLOE and that it makes them re-evaluate the climate crisis. I really hope that this impact inspires discussion with friends, family and other loved ones about the impact one's actions have on the world they live on, as well as what they can do to help slow down the pollution of our shared earth.

Sam Wood
Community Engagement AD, WUD Performing Arts Committee

The world premiere of FLOE is January 22-24, 2020. The piece written by UW's Interdisciplinary Artist is Residence Carrie Hanson and is curated so that the audience moves between Shannon Hall and the Play Circle. Learn more or purchase tickets.


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