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26th Annual Marcia Légère Student Play Festival Winners

Time Management By Sachal Ali, Directed By Wesley Korpela
A college student is visited early in the morning by a series of time travelers from his future. They want to alter the course of history. He mostly just wants a few more hours of sleep. Coffee, shouting, reflection, and jumping jacks ensue.           
rsz sachal ali Sachal Ali is a junior majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Computer Science who participates in theatre in his spare time. He is still learning how to balance the three. Time Management is his first play, and this is his second year of involvement with the Marcia Légère festival. When not doing something theatre-related, Sachal can typically be found avoiding schoolwork or singing as loudly as his neighbors will tolerate.
Worse Things By Sabrina Ross, Directed By Becca Haven And Kerry Billings
Worse Things is a short play based off of a true story of middle school religious persecution. This play examines the trope of Jewish self-loathing, the use of humor as a survival mechanism, and the pressure put on girls to accommodate their oppressors.  
Sabrina Ross is a Jewish playwright from Long Island, New York. She works as the Arts and Programming Intern for First Wave, a hip hop and literary arts scholarship program on campus. She is currently finishing her degrees in Religious Studies, Gender Studies, and English. In her plays, she surrounds sensitive issues like sexual abuse and religious persecution in comedy, calling attention to the way these issues are made light of while simultaneously making them digestible for audiences. Sabrina loves making egg sandwiches, jamming to Yiddish music, and going all out for Jewish holidays. rsz sabrina ross

Tolkien Causes Cancer By Emma Allmann, Directed By Cassie Charleston

Every author experiences one, two, or fifteen writer life crises. The authors in Tolkien Causes Cancer stumble into theirs together while on a panel. How much are our stories ours? And do words really hurt? The panel devolves quickly, but the authors just might evolve a little bit. 

rsz emma allmann Emma Allmann is a graduating senior in Creative Writing. This is her first play to be produced and she plans to continue exploring the realm of theater. In the meantime she'll continue to write made up stories, read other people's stories, and see as much as she can of the world that informs them all.

Sonnets 1-39 By Rachel Ochsenschlager & Alexandra Pleasant, Directed By Ethan Schmidt

David is in love with William. William is in love with writing sonnets. The more William devotes himself to David, the more doubt rises in David's mind despite William's promise to preserve his love forever. When their secret relationship threatens to come out, is their love strong enough to keep them together? Based on the sonnets of William Shakespeare.    
Alexandra Pleasant is a Sophomore majoring in English and the Communication Arts. She has long loved writing plays and is excited for her debut in the Marcia Légère Festival. Along with plays, she writes short stories, short film scripts, and the occasional poem. When not writing, she enjoys hanging out with fellow writers and drinking too much coffee.    rsz alexandra pleasant
rsz rachel ochsenschlager Rachel Ochsenschlager (of Lake Geneva, WI) has spent her undergraduate career eclectically studying entertainment media: its creative production and value as artifact in our culture. She is currently a junior on her way to completing a degree in theatrical production, communication arts, and digital media studies. Recent coursework has inspired her to view Shakespeare in a new light, appreciating his work as a record for early Anglo-Saxon linguistics and for how it has managed to survive centuries through remediation. Thusly, she co-wrote Sonnets 1-39 with friend and classmate Alexandra Pleasant in honor of Wisconsin's "The Year of Shakespeare". 

Date With Death By Kerry Billings, Directed By Yuewen Lin

It’s a typical first date…except not at all. When Erin and Izzy attempt a romantic relationship outside their vital status, they face a future they can’t comprehend and a past that neither of them is ready to confront.

Kerry Billings is a senior majoring in Theatre and English. Date with Death is her second show produced through the Marcia Légère festival (after Super the year prior) and her ninth show produced overall. When she’s not writing, you can catch Kerry doing almost every other aspect of theatre, from directing, to acting, to costuming and stage managing. She hopes to pursue a career in writing after she graduates.  rsz kerry billings 2
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