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Terrace Rules

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Play By 'Em All So All Can Play


  • Firearms and other weapons are prohibited on the Terrace and elsewhere at the Memorial Union.
  • No bikes (please use the bike racks!), roller blades, skateboards, Frisbees® and other flying discs or ball play.
  • No soliciting by entities outside of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Time, place and manner restrictions apply to soliciting by University of Wisconsin–Madison entities.
  • No carry-in alcohol or other beverages.
  • No carry-in food or coolers. Personal bag lunches are OK. There are on-site dining options for you to enjoy.
  • No smoking or vaping except in designated areas.
  • No carry-in furniture. 
  • No solicitations and no unauthorized marketing or issue advocacy of any kind, including but not limited to commercial, religious, registration drives, petitioning, pamphletting, or political campaigning. 
  • No unauthorized signage, flags, banners or similar materials or efforts of any kind or any size. 
  • No unauthorized commercial activities of any kind.
  • No unauthorized public events, performances or speeches, and no demonstrations. 
  • No obstruction of egress or other activities impacting safety. 
  • No fishing on Lakeshore Path alongside Memorial Union or from piers near Memorial Union, including the Outdoor UW pier, Hoofers pier, swimming pier, or Goodspeed Pier. 
  • No drones.
  • Failure to follow staff directions, policies or laws may result in immediate removal from Union property and may result in additional 
  • No commercial photography without permission.
    • The Terrace chairback/Terrace logo is trademarked. Unauthorized commercial or marketing use or reproduction of this image, whether in photos for sale, paintings for sale or another form of reproduction, is unlawful.

More To Know

  • Purchasing Alcohol: Government-issued proof of being 21 or older and a Wisconsin Union day, annual or lifetime membership are required to purchase alcohol. Alcoholic beverages in the possession of minors will be confiscated and may result in legal action and other ramifications, such as scholastic discipline.
  • Pets & Service Animals: With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed on the Terrace or inside the Memorial Union. Pets are permitted on Lakeshore Path, located alongside the Terrace. Emotional support animals (ESAs) are not by federal law considered service animals and are considered pets. 
  • We recycle: Plastic cups can be recycled — please dispose of them in the appropriate receptacles.
  • Feeding Wildlife: Please don’t feed the ducks, seagulls and other wildlife. It degrades the water and endangers swimmers, boaters and windsurfers.
  • Sponsorships: Find out about corporate and organizational sponsorships that can help you meet and exceed your goals.

All patrons must follow the patron code of conduct and staff directions. 


The Wisconsin Union team reserves the right to require a patron to leave a Union property at any time for failure to comply with any rule, law, policy, procedure or protocol, for engaging in unsafe behavior, for not complying with staff directions, or for reports of being abusive, threatening or acting in a harassing or discriminatory manner to staff or other patrons. It is vital to the Union team to create welcoming, inclusive, safe and respectful spaces for all, both staff and patrons. We appreciate our patrons' help in fostering such spaces. 



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