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UW-Madison Run/Walk Request

Requirements for all run/walks using campus streets, sidewalks, paths, parking lots, or other transportation facilities:

  1. All reservations for run/walks must be secured through Campus Event Services via this form.  
  2.  Please review the Lakeshore Preserve’s guidelines before reserving these spaces.
  3. Run/walks must be approved by UW Transportation Services, UW Police, and Campus Grounds.
  4. Regular campus vehicular and pedestrian traffic must be able to circulate on campus with limited restrictions during the run/walk.
  5. All restrictions to traffic due to the run/walk must be approved in advance by UW Transportation Services and UW Police.
  6. Run/walk organizers must provide sufficient staff and route control equipment to coordinate the route with the guidance and approval of UW Police.
  7. UW streets, sidewalks, lots, and grounds must be restored to the condition they were in before the run/walk no more than 3 hours after the end of the event. Absolutely no aerosol chalk or paint can be used to mark the course.
  8. All arrangements for cleaning the run/walk route must be made and paid for by the event organizers.
  9. You must contact Risk Management ( for waiver and/or liability insurance information. This must be done before you print any materials for your event.
Do you anticipate the need for road closures? Please note, this requires you to contact UWPD for approval.
Is your proposed run/walk open to the public?
Will the proceeds go to a nonprofit (501(c)3) organization?
Is the event being sponsored by a UW department?
Will you be providing tables for your event?
Will your event require electricity?
Will your event have food?
Do you need sound amplification? Please note, this is a request only. Sound will only be considered if it is deemed vital to the event.
Will you have inflatable games or activities?
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