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Banquet Event Request

Please complete this form to request a banquet space in either Memorial Union or Union South. Request should be submitted at least one month prior (and no more than 18 months prior) to the proposed event. Scheduled events and activities are subject to Wisconsin Union policies, procedures, and guidelines. The Campus Event Services Office is open from 8 am - 4 pm, Monday through Friday, if you have questions or concerns regarding your space request.

This form is intended only for REQUESTS; it does not guarantee that the space is available or reserved. You will hear back from an Event Planner in our office within three business days with follow up.


Have you hosted this event at the Wisconsin Union in the past?
Would you like this event to be open to the public?
Building Preference
Room preference (Check all that apply. Please note: this will not guarantee the room):
Will you need breakout spaces?
Do you need catering?
What type of catering would you like for your event (check all that apply.)
Do you plan to have amplified sound or bring in sound equipment for your event?
Is your event primarily geared toward/intended for minors under the age of 18?
Will you be bringing in a speaker/presenter from outside of the University of Wisconsin Madison?
Additional services requested (check all that apply)
Audiovisual and equipment requested (check all that apply):
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