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Becoming A Course Instructor

Wheelhouse Studios is a dynamic program that offers high quality courses taught by talented artists. If you are interested in working with the UW-Madison student body and community by increasing engagement in the arts, we would be thrilled to see your proposal.

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Wheelhouse Staff Responsibility

A professional staff takes responsibility for overall program direction, coordination and administration. Staff works to develop class ideas, recruit, select, orient and evaluate instructors. They promote the program, conduct registration and program evaluation. Time is spent with instructors in scheduling courses and facilities. Staff can serve as  consultants in course design and planning, but this responsibility is primarily left to instructors. 

Wheelhouse Course Instructors

Course instructors are appointed as Ad Hoc Academic Staff, each term, and are considered University employees. As employees, instructors are required to provide proof of work eligibility, tax identification/Social Security number and are expected to adhere to a list of shared expectations, as outlined in the instructor's manual. Instructors are provided liability protection through the Risk Management Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Instructor Resources

Instructor's Manual

Effective Adult Education Guide

Instructor Position Description

Liability Waiver

Accident Reporting Form

AV Equipped Campus Classrooms Information

UW Tax Exempt Documentation

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