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To request Box Office services, begin by filling out this form. Requests for ticketing services should be made two weeks (10 business days) prior to the target on-sale date.

The following information is required in order to set up ticket sales in our system:

  • Title, Date(s) and time(s) of event
  • Location of event (venue)
  • Ticket prices
  • Target date for tickets to go on sale
  • Information about whether it is a general seating or assigned seating event
  • Information about house scaling. Several standard tiering options are available upon request.
  • Additional information about any discounts, vouchers, or coupons that will be applied to sales (the box office must receive a physical copy of any voucher or coupon prior to tickets going on sale)
  • Information about any ticket holds or comp tickets requested

Additional information about the Box Office:

Night of show box office hours extend to 10-30 minutes after the show start time. If you would like the box office to remain open for a longer period of time, please let us know during your production meeting. 

Permanent box office locations include: Memorial Union (in the west wing lobby on the first floor) and Vilas Hall (on the East Campus Mall side of the building at street level). 

Remote box office services are available for day-of-show ticket sales at sites where we do not have a permanent box office; contact Ted Harks for more details. 

Consignment: If you wish to check out a block of tickets to sell outside our box office, please discuss with Heather Good or Ted Harks. Scroll down for more information about consignment ticket sales.

Promotions/Coupons: If you wish you offer a coupon for discounted tickets or offer any promotion on your ticket sales, please talk to Heather Good or Ted Harks. Our ticketing software  provides many options for promotions; all promotions must be approved by theater staff. 

Seating charts of our venues are available here.

Box Office Fees:

box office fees

  In addition, ticket purchasers are assessed the following fees with their ticket order:

  • $4.00 convenience fee per ticket for all tickets purchased on-line, by mail, or over the phone. This applies to on-line distribution of free tickets as well.
  • No convenience fee for tickets purchased in person at one of our campus box office locations. Box office location & hours are available to view here.
  • Facility fee of $1.50 per ticket for tickets priced $20.00 or less, and $2.50 per ticket for tickets priced over $20.00 (same fee applies to both Shannon Hall and Play Circle).

 Ticket Estimating Tool:

Pricing your tickets to make sure your expenses are covered and your event is successful can be tricky. We've created this hand spreadsheet to help you map out prices, credit card processing, expenses, and revenue.

Ticket Estimating Tool

 Services for Patrons with Special Needs:

Special assistance or seating can be arranged for patrons with special needs by notifying the box office when purchasing tickets. Both the Memorial Union and Vilas Hall box office spaces are accessible by wheelchair. The main floor of Shannon Hall includes seating spots for wheelchairs at the back of the orchestra section, as well as near the stage. The balcony is not accessible. "Transfer" aisle seats with collapsible arms are available in orchestra seating areas. Patrons unable to transfer into an auditorium seat should reserve a wheelchair location in advance. Two accessible single stall unisex restrooms are available in the outer lobby on the first floor. Hearing enhancements are available from the door staff on the night of the show with picture ID. 

Ticket Consignment FAQs:

What are consignment ticket sales?

Consignment tickets are tickets that you check out prior to your event to sell outside of the Arts on Campus Ticketing Service box offices.  Ticket purchasing customers pay you directly for the ticket and you keep the cash. See the Theater Events Planners Handbook for more information about selling tickets through the Arts on Campus Ticketing Service.

Who is the theater staff contact person for consignment ticket sales?

Ted Harks is the box office administrator and can be reached at 608-262-9909 or ted.harks@wisc.edu. 

Can we sell tickets through some other on-line outlet (like Brown Paper Tickets, for example)?

Arts on Campus Ticketing must be the only source for official tickets to the show. If you are concerned that Arts on Campus Ticketing is not meeting your needs for the show, please talk to Ted Harks. There may be features of our system that can meet your needs without having to set up a separate ticket outlet.

When should consignment ticket sales be set up?

It is ideal to let us know that you plan to do consignment tickets prior to the date of tickets going on sale to the public. Please contact Ted at least 5 business days before you need your consignment tickets.

How many tickets can be checked out to sell on consignment?

Up to 10% of the house can be sold on consignment (115 tickets for shows at the Wisconsin Union Theater; 17 tickets for shows at the Fredric March Play Circle). More than 10% of the house cannot be sold on consignment unless there are sufficient ticket receipts in the Arts on Campus Ticketing box office to cover projected theater costs for the event.

What if we run out of consignment tickets to sell?

Contact Ted Harks via e-mail to arrange for another batch of consignment tickets. Requests may take 3 business days to process.

What if we don't sell all those tickets?

Unsold tickets must be turned in to Ted Harks before your event takes place.

  • If your event takes place on a weekday, unsold tickets must be turned in by or before noon on the day of the event.
  • If your event takes place on a weekend, unsold tickets must be turned in by or before noon Friday before the event.

Tickets not turned in on time will be considered sold at full price for the purposes of calculating revenue sharing and other fees.

What if we want to sell additional tickets at the door?

The box office can sell at the door or can print unsold tickets for you to sell at the door. The box office sells at the door for events taking place in the Wisconsin Union Theater, the Mitchell Theatre, and the Hemsley Theatre. For all other locations, contact Heather Good one month prior to your event.

What should we do with the cash or checks that we collect for the tickets that we sell?

Keep it. Please do NOT drop off cash or checks at the box office or with theater staff at any time.

What fees are charged for consignment ticket sales?

  1. Per ticket printing fee (unsold tickets included)
  2. Sales tax is your responsibility. If you want us to file sales tax on your behalf, please discuss prior to putting tickets on sale.
  3. FOR EVENTS IN SHANNON HALL: facility fees & revenue sharing

Will we be charged for consignment tickets that we don't sell?

If unsold tickets are not returned according to the aforementioned instructions, they will be considered “sold at full price” by the ticketing system. As such, facility fees and revenue sharing will apply. In order to avoid paying unnecessary fees, please turn in all unsold tickets in the appropriate manner.

What else is my group responsible for?

If you are selling tickets to your show, you must provide a representative from your group to be present at the box office night of show to address any customer service issues that arise. This person should be empowered to make decisions on behalf of your group. For example, if a customer arrives at the box office saying that they should be on a comp list, or that they lost their tickets, your representative should help advise box office staff on how resolve the issue.