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Registered Student Organizations

RSOs that are hosting events to raise money for charity or are opening their events to the community-at-large must comply with university policies. It is the responsibility of the RSO to comply with the terms of any grants, to complete all steps required to apply grant funding to theater costs, and to pay any outstanding balances on theater events.

See the RSO Pre-Event Risk Assessment tool here.

As a Registered Student Organization, we want to help you comply with all University policies and keep your organization in good standing as you work to raise money for a good cause.

Information about fundraising sales, raffles, and poker is available here.

Additional information about fundraising activities on campus, including charitable events, is available here.

Things to do before your event:

  1. Make sure that your organization is an official Registered Student Organization
  2. If you are a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, please provide your theater or CESO rep with a copy of your most recent IRS letter of determination, which shows tax exempt status. A photocopy or PDF is acceptable. This will ensure that your group does not pay sales tax on your use of resources at the Union.
  3. If your event is open to the public, be sure to specify in all promotions which charity is benefiting from the event and the exact amount of the individual fee/donation that will go to the non-profit charity.