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Theater Renter Eligibility

The theater is available to the following groups: UW-Madison Registered Student Organizations, UW-Madison departments, government agencies and Wisconsin Union Corporate Members. Specific details and discounts for certain groups are listed below.

Groups that do not fit one of these categories must be sponsored by a university department. A sponsorship letter signed by a Dean, Provost, or Chancellor is required. If you are not certain if your group is eligible to be a renter, if you would like to learn more about sponsorship possibilities or if you're interested in conference rates, please contact the Director of Theater Event Operations at or 608-263-6825.

Theater usage is priced competitively among local theaters of comparable size and technical capability. Virtually all of our customers are non-profits, and this fact is already reflected in our rates. We do not provide additional discounts for charity events.

Consideration for groups that have outstanding invoices with the Wisconsin Union Theater or Wisconsin Union will be deferred until past due balances are paid off.

For more information on pricing and services, click here.

UW-Madison Registered Student Organizations

Thank you for your interest in holding a fundraising event at the Wisconsin Union. As a Registered Student Organization, we want to help you comply with all University policies and keep your organization in good standing as you work to raise money for a good cause.

  • Make sure that your organization is an official Registered Student Organization. Information about how to become an RSO is available here.
  • If you are a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, please provide your theater or CESO rep with a copy of your most recent IRS letter of determination, which shows tax exempt status. A photocopy or PDF is acceptable. This will ensure that your group does not pay sales tax on your use of resources at the Union.
  • Information about fundraising activities on campus, including charitable events, is available here: (scroll down to see the section on fundraising).
  • If your event is open to the public, be sure to specify in all promotions which charity is benefitting from the event and the exact amount of the individual fee/donation that will go to the non-profit charity.


  • RSOs receive 50% discount on many fees and services
  • University departments receive a 25% discount on many fees and equipment
  • Government agencies receive a 25% discount on many fees and equipment




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