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More Opportunities to Support Wisconsin-Based Artists During Wisconsin Sound Series

Posted: 04/07/21

More Opportunities to Support Wisconsin-Based Artists During Wisconsin Sound Series

The sounds of Wisconsin-based musicians have echoed across many homes as patrons joined us for the first events of our pilot virtual music series Wisconsin Sound, which exclusively features Wisconsin artists. 

Our celebration and support of Wisconsin artists continues with performances by Mr. Chair on April 11 and the Pro Arte Quartet on May 2. 

This series serves as a constant reminder that artists and the theater industry are in a time of crisis, when events are few and opportunities to earn income from live music are even fewer. We are grateful for our arts supporters, who have joined us so far, and those that will join us for our upcoming Wisconsin Sound performances. When you join us for Wisconsin Sound events, you are making a difference in artists’ lives and the future of the arts. 

“The pandemic has been challenging for performing artists as they contend with canceled performances and tours, closures of performing arts venues, travel restrictions, and simply needing to stay home to keep themselves and their loved ones safe,” Wisconsin Union Theater Director Elizabeth Snodgrass said. “Wisconsin Sound allows us to support artists and create performing arts experiences while we need to practice physical distancing and while not holding in-person performances.”

Despite the distance that separates us, when you join us during the Wisconsin Union Theater season, we feel that we are once again together with you, celebrating and enjoying performing arts experiences. We look forward to gathering with you during the Wisconsin Sound Series.


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