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What is a Studio Class?

Posted: 09/21/23

What is a Studio Class?

The mission of the Wisconsin Union Theater (WUT) is to present, promote, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation of the performing arts among University of Wisconsin–Madison students. Part of what drives this commitment is creating real connections between the students and the high-caliber artists, who perform during our season. One of the most engaging opportunities the theater provides is through studio classes.

When offered, a studio class is coordinated between faculty in arts divisions and the theater's Artist Services Manager and Assistant Programming Advisor Kate Schwartz. Traditionally, classes include an opportunity for students studying within the artists' discipline to perform and receive feedback directly from the performers. Studio classes are also a chance for students to network and ask performing arts professionals questions about their industry and craft.

“What the Theater and the student-led Wisconsin Union Directorate Performing Arts Committee work to create with faculty and artists are opportunities for students and the community to engage in an intimate and specialized setting with world renowned musicians, dance companies, vocalists, comedians, and performance artists,” Schwartz said. “The format varies, but the goal of this unique kind of engagement remains constant.”

Did you know that most of our studio classes are also open to the public (and are usually free)? 

“Most artists of the caliber we program are used to providing an educational component for campus theater gigs, but the artists that come through for their Shannon Hall, Play Circle or Hamel Music Center performances are consistently impressed with the talent and curiosity of our students and staff,” Schwartz said. “They often speak of incorporating the special experience they've had in class into their work and their lives. When the artists are given the same dynamic opportunity to learn and engage, it elevates the whole concept of what a studio class is into what a studio class can do.”

We usually release information about public studio classes through email in the week or two leading up to a performance, in Wisconsin Union press releases at, and on performance event listings on the Wisconsin Union Theater’s website. We look forward to you attending a studio class during our Wisconsin Union Theater season!

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