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Partnerships with the Wisconsin Union Theater

Posted: 03/21/24

Partnerships with the Wisconsin Union Theater

By Lenah Helmke

Every year, the Wisconsin Union Theater (WUT) team hosts countless performances. These events shine light on talented musicians and artists, ultimately gifting the Madison community with a space to appreciate the arts.  

However, WUT does so much more in preparation to bring the best to Madison and UW–Madison students. Over the past couple years, WUT has cultivated a meaningful partnership with the Mead Witter School of Music. In collaboration, the organizations bring unique experiences to music students and professional artists. Some examples include guest artists performing with the Mead Witter School of Music’s Symphony Orchestra or teaching a studio class. These opportunities give aspiring musicians the time to ask questions or receive coaching from someone in their field, providing a meaningful space to grow their education. The relationship fostered between WUT and the Mead Witter School of Music has selflessly expanded access between students and professional artists.  

In addition, WUT partners with the Arts + Literature Laboratory to present the Madison Jazz Festival and DIG Jazz. The Madison Jazz Festival includes a week of performances, concluding each year at the Memorial Union Terrace. This June 15 and 16, jazz will be brought to the lakeside venue once again, and the headliners, yet to be announced, will be free of charge. In the fall, DIG Jazz brings a series of free performances to the Play Circle at Memorial Union. Both events showcase the contagious genre of jazz, and with the support of WUT, share artists' talents with visitors and locals alike.   

Overall, WUT seeks to provide the Madison community with essential exposure to the arts. Through performance, education, and accessibility, these partnerships actively celebrate performance artists and provide beneficial experiences to countless individuals. In the past, WUT collaborated with LOUD Wisconsin (Latinos Organizing for Understanding and Development) to ensure space for their organization's members to experience Las Cafeteras, a Chicano band. The band's appearance was part of the annual Day of the Dead holiday. LOUD created a ceremonious altar in the Shannon Hall lobby for everyone to appreciate as they entered the Theater. If interested, WUT will help your organization experience the theater in a way that works best for you.  

In the words of the WUT Director Elizabeth Snodgrass, “The sum is greater than its parts.” 

Performance is a timeless creation that fills spaces with joy and adventure, and the partnerships instilled in this organization create depth and knowledge that are essential to WUT’s success.  

If you know of an organization that would like to coordinate group attendance to a WUT performance or have an idea for a collaborative performing arts experience, email us at 

If you would like to check out an upcoming WUT performance, yourself, visit for a list of upcoming events. 

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