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A Wisconsin Union Theater-Exclusive, Solo Performance by Okaidja Afroso

Posted: 02/08/21

Okaidja Afroso’s music may be some of the most beautiful songs in the world. Okaidja is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumental, whose talent we can experience first-hand during his Wisconsin Union Theater virtual performance on Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m. CDT.

Afraso 1160

He will perform Ghianian music infused with influences from many cultures, creating a truly genre-defying experience. This is a special performance you will experience nowhere else. 

Okaidja will perform “Nshorke,” “Afterlife Voyage,” “Kpehe,” “Akamo Nnane,” “Siak,” “The Palm Wine Sea,” “Faako,” and “State of Mind.” He will sing in English and Ga.

Each song will impart a story. Okaidja believes in the storytelling power of music and its ability to transport one’s mind, just as books, films and other forms of art can do. 

One writer described “State of Mind” as a “relaxing day-at-the-beach backdrop.” We agree. This song will have you in a beach state of mind, just the thing we all need right now. This song also shares some thoughtful wisdom that may have you counting those things for which you are grateful and considering the process of journeying to a healthier, happier state of mind. 

His song “Akamo Nnane” will have you swaying in your seat subconsciously before you know it. Okaidja’s soothing voice glides across each note layering effortlessly with the intricate rhythms he makes come to life. Don’t forget to listen for the exquisite drumming that accompanies his velvet voice.  

“The Palm Wine Sea,” also the name of his most recent album, will further transport you to the sunny beaches of Ghana. Okaidja describes the music of this album as “the music of the human experience.” With “The Palm Wine Sea” album, he aims to depict all of the perfections and imperfections of life. After all, we cannot skip the hard chapters of life; they are part of our story, and a part of being human that Okaidja’s music confronts boldly and beautifully. 

“My music preserves my West African roots while embracing diverse cross-cultural influences and styles,” Okaidja has said. “I strive to create a rhythmic fusion of old and new that presents a fresh sound that preserves the authenticity of the traditional while embracing the rich complexity of the integrated world we inhabit today.”

Click here to purchase a ticket to experience this Wisconsin Union Theater-exclusive performance.

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