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A Night for Everyone: Valentine's Day Dance

Posted: 02/03/20

A Night for Everyone: Valentine's Day Dance

As a newcomer to the Madison area, the Wisconsin Union was a delightful surprise to me. The opportunities to engage, indulge, create, and enjoy everything about this place was beyond impressive: it was amazing. I couldn't believe that I could wander art galleries and rent snowshoes in the same place that I could take in a great show or create my own piece of art. A year later, I found myself working in this fabulous place and I'm still amazed.

Dancing in Great Hall

Swing dancing in Great Hall

While I value everything the Union has to offer, in the spirit of full disclosure I admit I have a special attachment to the Theater in particular. My youngest is about to complete his Master's degree in Technical Theater, and having an understanding of all that goes into putting on a stellar production deepens my appreciation for the incredible work done by the Wisconsin Union Theater.

Maybe that's why it's especially fun for me to put together events for Wisconsin Union members that partner with the Theater. I like being able to shine a spotlight on the great variety of performances the Wisconsin Union Theater presents, and to do so in a way that helps our members understand what their membership supports.

Several things fell perfectly into place for the Valentine's Day Dinner & Dance with NJO:

  • The Neophonic Jazz Orchestra was already scheduled to perform on Feb. 14. 
  • Valentine's Day falls on a Friday this year.
  • Dinner and dancing is a fun way to spend an evening with people you enjoy.
  • Great Hall is ideal for dances and orchestras! 

As you can see, I didn’t have to think hard on this one! 

There's a universal appeal to so many of the Union's events, and this Valentine's dance definitely fits that category. It's something every generation can get into and enjoy, and there aren't that many events where that's possible. So the dance floor will be occupied by students and grandparents alike, all having a grand time. I'll be there, my parents will be there (they're way better dancers than me!), and I really hope to see you there, too!

Dawn Dever
Membership Manager
Wisconsin Union

The Valentine's Dinner is sold out. But you can still dance the night away with the Neophonic Jazz Orchestra in Great Hall on Friday, February 14, 2020 at 8pm - Learn more

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