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Getting to Know Elizabeth Snodgrass

Posted: 09/30/19

Getting to Know Elizabeth Snodgrass

Getting to know Elizabeth Snodgrass

Wisconsin Union Theater Director


Where are you from and how long have you been in Madison?

I was born in Philadelphia. My family moved around a bit with my dad's job before settling in Green Bay when I was 7 years old. I graduated from Preble High School in Green Bay and went to Lawrence University in Appleton to study Piano Performance. I continued my education at Peabody Institute in Baltimore where I earned a Masters of Piano Performance. After grad school, I moved to New York City where I lived and worked for 21 years. I relocated to Madison with my husband and daughter in August of 2016 to be closer to family and to find a progressive educational experience for our daughter. Having moved around as much as I have, I guess I don't really feel like I am from just one place. I suppose you could say that I'm a hybrid east-coaster/midwesterner!


Beth backpacking

Elizabeth backpacking in Desolation Wilderness, 2015.

Do you play a musical instrument, sing or act?

I started piano when I was 8 and also played French horn since fourth grade through my freshmen year of college. I do not do a lot of music-making myself these days, but I certainly get joy out of supporting people who do.


Who or what inspires you?

  • Kindness and generosity.
  • Hard work.
  • People who face their fears.
  • People who beat the odds, who overcome obstacles and adversity.
  • People who act as allies, activists, and advocates for social justice, for people who are marginalized or oppressed, for our environment, for arts and culture.


Why did you apply to the Wisconsin Union Theater?

The Wisconsin Union Theater connects to so many things that I care about: building community, education outside the classroom, learning through experience, and supporting young people to become leaders, and it’s all through the creative lens of arts programming. My previous work experience and my personal values are very aligned with the responsibilities of this job; I feel incredibly fortunate to be here.


What are you looking forward to most as the new director?

This being my first season with the Wisconsin Union Theater, I’m really looking forward to meeting the many people that come into our spaces and all the artists who will grace our stages. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with the amazing staff and students here in the work ahead. It’s the people that really make any experience meaningful and worthwhile.


When you’re not at work, what are some of your hobbies?

I don’t have hobbies – who has time?! :) I just enjoy spending time with family and friends and being outside in the sun and warm weather as much as possible. (I dread cold weather!)


What is your favorite Terrace chair color?

I think yellow. Maybe orange.

Read the press release about Elizabeth's appointment to the director role.

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