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Original Works and Historic Masterpieces in 2021 DIG Jazz Series Line-Up

Posted: 10/06/21

Original Works and Historic Masterpieces in 2021 DIG Jazz Series Line-Up

By Amanda Stezenski

This October, the Wisconsin Union Theater’s partnership with Art + Literature Laboratory continues for another season with the return of the DIG Jazz series featuring local artists and composers. To treat yourself to a Friday evening (or three) of jazz in the the Wisconsin Union Theater's intimate Play Circle Theater for our 2021 DIG Jazz Series, click here. You can read about the full line-up below. 

Panchromatic Steele 
Oct. 15, 7 p.m. | Play Circle at Memorial Union 

Panchromatic Steel is a steel drum band homegrown in Madison, Wis., that plays authentic island calypso, jazz, classical and pop/rock. Its music brightens any day, transports listeners to their happiest moments in the sun, and threads the needle by being creative and artful while still being fun, danceable and accessible.

Rodrigo Villanueva Trio featuring Fareed Haque and John Christensen
Oct. 22, 6:30 p.m. | Play Circle at Memorial Union 

Headed by drummer Rodrigo Villanueva, professor of Jazz Studies at Northern Illinois University, this contemporary jazz trio features modern guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque and bassist John Christensen. Fareed Haque is a modern guitar virtuoso. Steeped in classical and jazz traditions, his unique command of the guitar and innovative musical styles inspire his musical ventures with tradition and fearless innovation.

Paul Dietrich's 5+4: A Jazz Chamber Music Project
Oct. 29 7 p.m. | Play Circle at Memorial Union

Composer, trumpet player, and bandleader Paul Dietrich will debut a new project written after being the recipient of Arts + Literature Laboratory's Artistic Development Grant in 2020. This music was written as a collaboration between Dietrich's modern jazz quintet and the Willy Street Chamber Players. Designed to synthesize the sounds of modern jazz with those of the classical string quartet, this project has presented new challenges and new rewards for its composer.

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