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Theater Resources

  • The Wisconsin Union Theater Brand Guidelines are located here on BOX. 

    Included are a PDF explaining the brand usage, font, logos in various formats and letterhead and envelope. 

    NOTE: The WUT logo has been updated in 2016 to include TM, since the logo has been trademarked. Moving forward, all logos representation should include the TM on the logo. 


    The WUD Performing Arts Committee Brand Guidelines are located here on BOX.

    Included are a PDF explain the brand usage, logos, flyer templates, email header and footers, and social media files

  • This GOOGLE DOC lists all the current and pending shows for the season. 

    This document is maintained by the Director.  If you need access, please contact Ralph.

  • This GOOGLE DOC is the current, and up to date, sponsors per show.  It also specifies what the sponsorship needs are per show. 

    This document is owned by Heather Good.  It is updated by Heather and Esty. 

    If you need access, please contact Heather. 

  • Any and all information you need about an individual show can be found in this GOOGLE DOC!

    This is updated by Marketing and Communications.  Influencers, cross promoted shows, show descriptions, etc can be found here. 

    If you need access to this sheet, please contact the Marketing Rep.

  • This GOOGLE DOC shows the advertising schedule for the season.

    This document is updated by Marketing.  If you need access, please contact the Marketing Rep. 

  • This GOOGLE DOC is the Marketing materials schedule.  It outlines when items are due when and what items are going to be presented per week, per deliverable. 

    This document is updated by Marketing.  If you need access, please contact the Marketing Rep. 

  • The EXCEL DOCUMENTS are the FY17 account codes.  

    - 1617 Theater Account Codes by Series
    - FY17 2030 Theater Admin Account Numbers and Descriptions

    They are maintained by the Office Administrator.  If you need access or have questions, please see them.

  • Artists Photos can be found on BOX 

    The Communications Dept. is responsible for updating these photos as they become available. 

  • This DOCUMENT lists the current theater staff. 

    It is updated by the Office Admin.  If you have any questions, please contact them.

  • Trello is a tool used by the Theater for show booking.

    As it is set up, each show has their own board, separated out by Inspiration - Show Info - Social Media - Advancing Checklist - Day of Show Checklist

    You must be added to each show board to have access.  

    Please see Director for more info.


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