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The Green Room

Behind the Scenes of the Wisconsin Union Theater

The green room. Every venue in show business has one. It's a place for performers to relax before, during and after a show and the energy varies, depending on which artist walks through the door: Excited, nervous, calm. We welcome you to join us and take a look at what goes on behind the scenes look at the theater. Welcome to the green room!

December 3

Dance Wisconsin: A Nutcracker Family

It is Sunday, September 8th and nervous young boys and girls begin entering the home school of Dance Wisconsin, Monona Academy of Dance, to have their height measured, receive an...

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November 5

The Women of the World Series... WOW!

The Women of the World (WOW) series celebrates different cultures and how women break barriers to share their music and express themselves.

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November 5

Bridging the Gap: The Crisis of Climate Change and Performance Art

The Seldoms are coming back to the Wisconsin Union Theater with their newest production, and I couldn’t be more excited! Their new show, titled FLOE, is a dance performance that...

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November 4

The Greatest War: World War One, Wisconsin, and Why It Still Matters

Artistic Director of The Greatest War: World War One, Wisconsin, and Why It Still Matters, Ken Fitzsimmons wrote most of the original music and created video content for the show.

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September 27

Rocking Out for Student Success

UW-Madison’s College of Letters & Science offers students a little bit of everything. From the natural and social sciences, tech, arts & humanities, Badgers at UW-Madison’s largest college experience an...

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September 25

This is Not the Countertenor You're Looking For

When I received the email from Chanticleer saying they were interested in hearing me for a spot in the ensemble, I thought someone was pranking me.

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September 3

Open Piano Day Puts a Twist on Tradition

As a young musician, I was told by every teacher to never go near a piano with a permanent marker, so you can imagine my surprise when I first discovered...

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August 30

Honoring "The Witch of Fox Point"

She was known as “The Witch of Fox Point.” She turned her house and surrounding yard into an art environment. She was labeled as an “outsider” by her community.

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August 28

MWMF: Dance Away a Fan of Something New

The one thing I have always enjoyed about music is that you don’t always need language to communicate a feeling or an occasion.

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