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Meetings & Gatherings

Meeting at the Union

Whether you need to schedule a one-hour meeting for a few people, hold a large group seminar, or something in between, let our staff help you create the event you imagine.  Add food & beverages, Audio-Visual technology, décor, or go bare-bones—we can help with almost any type of request.  

Meet at the Union

  • To consider as you plan your upcoming reservation:

    Wisconsin Union Members, UW-Madison Campus Departments, Registered Student Organizations (RSO's) & Corporate members may utilize space at the Union buildings.

    If you are not currently part of one of these groups, we invite you to:

    Become a Member 

    What type of event are you interested in? 

    • 1-hour meeting or gathering
    • 1-day conference
    • Multi-day conference
    • Special events (Private tailgates/parties/birthdays/showers) 

    Determine Your preferred date & number of attendees.  
    This helps us start putting the pieces into place.   

    Important Due Dates to Consider:

    • AV due:  1 week prior
    • Catering Menu due: 2 weeks prior
    • Catering Guest Count due: 1 week prior
    • Deposits are due: 2 weeks after booking

    Once you have a handle on these things, get in touch with us!

  • Wisconsin Union Catering offers full service food & beverages at Union buildings as well as in others locations across campus & beyond. 

    Learn more about our menus and service options. 

  • The Wisconsin Union offers a wide range of audio/visual and presentation equipment for use at events at Memorial Union and Union South.

    Event equipment can be reserved through your Campus Event Services event planner as soon as your event is scheduled. Our friendly team of event and building managers are available to assist you with your rented equipment use or answer any questions on the day of your event. 

    You may bring in your own equipment, but we do not provide technology support for non-Wisconsin Union equipment.

    More Details on A/V & Equipment

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