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Inside the WUDwork

Learn more about the work that goes on in WUD and our amazing leaders and members who help make it all happen!

June 11

A Statement on Racial Justice from the Wisconsin Union Directorate

Anger. Pain. Horror. Over the last few weeks, these are a few of the emotions that we at the Wisconsin Union Directorate have struggled with.

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February 26

Inside the WUDwork with Gretchen Trast

Meet Gretchen Trast, our Vice President of Internal Relations!

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November 20

Inside the WUDwork with Caleb Reiter

Meet Caleb Reiter, our Hoofer VP Information Systems!

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November 13

Inside the WUDwork with Emily Bian

Meet Emily Bian, our Global Connections Committee Director!

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November 6

Inside the WUDwork with Jacob McInnis

Meet Jacob McInnis, our Society & Politics Committee Director!

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October 30

Inside the WUDwork with Collette Badora

Meet Collette Badora, The Associate Director Of The Sett For The Music Committee!

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October 23

Inside the WUDwork with Ansley Laev

Meet Ansley Laev, our Hoofer Outing Club President! 

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October 17

Inside the WUDwork with Carlo Romagnolo

Meet Carlo Romagnolo, our Publications Committee Director!

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December 4

Inside the WUDwork with Gretchen Trast

Meet Gretchen Trast, Our WUD Distinguished Lecture Series Director!

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November 28

Inside the WUDwork with Farhat Bhuiyan

Meet Farhat Bhuiyan, Our Wisconsin Union Vice President Of Internal Relations!

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