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Collaborate with WUD

Program With Us

We strive to offer our campus relevant, diverse and engaging events. With 10 committees and the Wisconsin Hoofers, we provide our fellow Badgers with numerous opportunities for fun and unforgettable experiences, and we're always interested in new programming opportunities. Students, please take this brief survey to let us know what events we should plan next and how you want to hear about our programming.

Interested in co-sponsorship?

If your organization has an idea for an event that resonates with our mission and you'd like to discuss a co-sponsorship, we encourage you to reach out to the director of the committee you'd like to work with (contact info below).

WUD Directors And Advisors 2019-2020


Lily Miller, Director

Tony Wise, Advisor

Alternative Breaks

Celina Ough, Director

Will Hoffman, Advisor


Ingrid Zhou, Director

Han Sol Meinig, Advisor

Distinguished Lecture Series

Kari Fischer, Director

Will Hoffman, Advisor 


WUD Film has a collaborations request form on their committee page. If you want to work with this committee, please head to this page.

Liam Granlund, Director

Robin Schmoldt, Advisor


Global Connections

See information about potential collaborations here.

Emily Bian, Director

Han Sol Meinig, Advisor


Amanda Fenton, President

Joe Webb, Hoofer Council Advisor

David Elsmo, Sailing Club Advisor

Jill Griffis, Mountaineering Club Advisor

Adam Remus, Outing Club and Ski & Snowboard Club Advisor

Daniel Haryanto, Riding Club and Scuba Club Advisor


Brennan Bahr, Director

Courtney Byelich, Advisor

Performing Arts

Keerthana Sreenivasan, Director

Elizabeth Snodgrass, Advisor


Carlo Romagnolo, Director

Jen Farley, Advisor

Society & Politics

Jacob McInnis, Director

Jen Farley, Advisor