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Food is much more than what you had (or didn’t have) for lunch today…it’s a medium that can build community, share culture and identity, embody social injustice, tie in to questions of environmentalism and sustainability, and polarize people and groups as much as unify them. WUD Cuisine is here to explore these topics, all while cooking delicious dishes.

The Cuisine Committee is the most recently-established WUD committee. We are here to be an advocate and platform for student engagement in and discovery of the food system: on our campus, in Madison, within our nation, around the world.

Join us for our cooking workshops, conversations, panels and lectures from faculty, professionals and community members with a variety of hands in the food system. Or, join us at 8:00pm on Monday evenings in Union South to have a say in the types of events WUD Cuisine creates!

All free events sponsored by WUD Cuisine Committee are intended for UW-Madison students, faculty, staff and Union members and guests.

WUD Cuisine

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Sydney Weiser, Director

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Committee Meetings

Mondays at 8:00pm
in Union South

Check TITU for room location


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Upcoming Events


March 19th | 8:00pm

Guest Speaker: Chef David Heide

Union South
Chef David Heide of Liliana's will join us to speak about his experience


March 22nd | 6:00pm

Buon Appetito: Chicken Parmesan Workshop

Learn how to cook chicken parmesan with pasta!


April 2nd | 8:00pm

Guest Speaker: Gilbert Altschul

Union South
Gilbert Altschul, owner of Grampa's Pizzeria, Gib, and Porter will discuss his successes in Madison


April 5th | 5:00pm

Winner, Winner, Insect Dinner

Enjoy a 3-course insect-based meal and learn about insects as a food source.