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WUD Leadership Applications

Thank you for your interest in being a WUD student leader! 

The Wisconsin Union Directorate includes 10 committees and the Wisconsin Hoofers. WUD Officers and Directors ensure that there are always fun and engaging experiences for campus. These leaders are responsible for organizing committees that plan and promote a diverse array of events and opportunities to enrich the campus and greater Madison community. 

See below for more information on each position available and application details.

2018-19 Officer and Director Positions

Wisconsin Union Officer positions:

The Wisconsin Union Officers are responsible for overseeing the Wisconsin Union Directorate, in addition to serving the greater Union. 

WUD Officer Application has closed.



WUD Director positions:

Each Director manages one of the Wisconsin Union Directorate's unique programming committees. For more information about each WUD committee, please see their pages on our website. 

Before applying, please note the following: 

  1. Per Union policy, to be eligible for a WUD leadership position, an individual must be a current student in good academic standing at UW-Madison while serving their term.
  2. Ensure you are available for the mandatory interview, training and event dates listed here.
  3. Once you begin the application, even if you close out of Qualtrics before submitting, it will send your responses to our database. You can preview the application questions here.

WUD Director Application has closed.

Summer-Only Positions

The Wisconsin Union has a variety of summer opportunities for students as well. From coordinating our art galleries and Terrace shows, to managing events and booking films, our summer interns and coordinators are tasked with bringing the Union to life in the summer!  

Available positions include:

Applications have closed. 

Applicants must be current UW-Madison students in good academic standing while serving their term.

Selected applicants must be available for a few select dates in addition to those listed on the position description. Please check those dates here.



Associate Director Postions

Wisconsin Union Directorate Associate Director and Coordinator Positions

Click the links to view the available positions within each committee. Applications can be found below.

Ready to Apply?

Before applying, please note the following: 

  1. Per Union policy, to be eligible for a WUD leadership position, an individual must be a current student at UW-Madison while serving their term.
  2. Ensure a time commitment of approximately 10 hours per week with a flexible schedule


Study abroad candidates

If you are studying abroad in the 2018-19 academic year, you are not eligible to apply. Those studying abroad Spring 2018 are eligible to apply. The online application is still due by the date listed, along with a video submission in place of an in-person interview. More information is available on the application form.

Video submissions are due by:

  • 5pm (CT) on Saturday, February 10th for Officer applicants. Link to box folder to upload video submission.
  • 5pm (CT) on Wednesday, February 28th for Director applicants. Link to box folder to upload video submission.


Applicants do not need to have previous involvement in the Wisconsin Union or any WUD committee. While knowledge of our committees and events is a plus, we are seeking any individuals who demonstrate leadership abilities, have relevant background pertinent to the role(s) applied for, and will uphold a commitment to fostering the growth of our committees. 

Time commitment

WUD leaders should expect to dedicate a significant amount of time to their position in order to successfully fulfill their responsibilities and best lead their committee. Current WUD leaders boast excellent time management skills and many are involved in multiple student organizations and/or have an on-campus job outside of their role in WUD. Remember to double check the list of mandatory dates before applying.


Each position is a little different, requiring unique skills, interests or knowledge to be best prepared for the role. The ideal candidates will be well-prepared to complete the duties listed on the position description of their desired role, though no specific qualifications are required. Any and all UW-Madison students and welcome and encouraged to apply.