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Criminal Justice Team

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The Social Justice Hub Criminal Justice Team works to promote awareness and change related to social justice issues in the criminal justice system.


Criminal Justice meetings take place weekly during the academic year. At these meetings, we brainstorm ideas for future events or campaigns, work on existing plans for events, and discuss research plans. Examples of what the Criminal Action team has worked include the Wrongful Convictions Symposium, People of Color in Law, and volunteering with local organizations. Depending on interest,  launching a podcast and newsletter with collected research, is desired

Team members are invited to pursue whatever social justice-related issues in the criminal justice system through the Criminal Justice Team. Meet fellow students who are interested in working to make the criminal justice system better, have your ideas heard, and learn how you can get involved!

 Leadership Positions

Leadership positions are selected in the April/May for the subsequent year, with positions created throughout the year. UW-Madison students are welcome to apply.

Position Descriptions:

Criminal Justice Action Team Co-Directors: Allie Bergdorf and Clarence Harley.
The co-directors  work together to lead meetings, make sure tasks are assigned to team members, routinely reach out to other organizations and individuals about collaborations, keep team leaders organized and in touch, stay in contact with the Social Justice Hub director about meetings and events, and any other duties necessary to helping the team run smoothly and efficiently. This is a fairly time-intensive position with several hours a week expected outside of meetings.

Administrative Lead: This person prepares agendas for meetings in conjunction with the co-directors, takes notes during meetings, and performs other administrative-related tasks as needed to help the team run smoothly. Estimated work time is an hour or so of work per week, outside of required weekly meetings.

Marketing Lead: This person is in charge of creating promotional materials for team meetings and events as well as updating the team's website (no prior website experience is needed at the program is fairly basic and intuitive). Experience with material creation in programs like Canva or Adobe InDesign is helpful, but is not required. This role requires several hours of work outside of meetings, with exact amounts of work varying based on where the team is in the planning process.

Research Team Lead: This person is in charge of running research team meetings and coordinating the research team's efforts. The work for this position is mostly at meetings, but may require some time outside of meetings providing support to research by team members.

Newsletter Editor: This person compiles all team members' research pieces into a newsletter to be sent out periodically. This includes editing pieces and creating an aesthetically pleasing and logically ordered newsletter. Consider taking on a co-editor if your schedule is more limited. 

Please Co-Directors with questions or comments and to be added to the communication list.