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Social Justice Action Teams

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Social Justice Action Teams 

The Social Justice Hub invites UW-Madison students and campus members to join current Social Justice Teams or to form yours.  Find friends, choose a social justice topic of interest, schedule a kickoff, and determine steps to create positive change.

A current Action Teams includes the Criminal Justice Reform Team. Form a team and pick a focus. 

Social Justice Action Teams Formation Steps

Detailed steps are here.

Social Justice team members will work together to:

  • Create a purpose statement for the Action Team
  • Create a timeline for activities
  • Research related organizations on campus and connect.
  • Set an initial kickoff meeting inviting friends (potentially also related organizations)
  • Create a process to integrate new members as they come on board
  • 10-minute 3-week and 6-week 10-minute progress report gives details, challenges and successes
  • Weekly coaching by a Social Justice Hub staff member
  • Additional suggested Action Team initial steps to get going are noted here.

Members of Social Justice Action Teams gain:

  • Hands-on experiences working on social justice issues of interest
  • Experience in goal-setting, budgeting, event planning, collaboration, teamwork, leading, creating agendas, running meetings, critical analysis, and much more
  • Up to $250 to cover approved expenses related to supporting the Action Team, such as room/AV costs, materials, software and related items

Effective Social Justice Action Teams include the following:

  • The Social Justice Action Team’s clear initial purpose and action plan in order to be effective
  • At least two members 
  • Enthusiasm and ability to achieve the desired goal(s) in a limited timeframe
  • Awareness of related campus organizations where collaborations can occur to move the project forward
  • Clear learning goals for what you hope to gain being part of this team

Action Team Resources

Contact Social Justice Hub Intern Shreya Bandyopadhyay or Director Jim Rogers with questions. We hope to see you further involved in supporting social justice.

Action Team Resources 

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