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gAlpha Social Justice

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    • gALPHA Social Impact is a free four-week program designed to help UW-Madison students create innovative solutions to problems in the areas of educational equity or criminal justice reform. gALPHA Social Impact provides ideas, mentorship and coaching to individuals and teams, and works with them one-on-one for one month. During the program, we help students ideate, create a roadmap to success and begin working on initiatives.
    • Beginning at kickoff and continuing each week of the program, gener8tor staff meets one-on-one with students once or twice per week to whiteboard social justice problems and potential solutions, conduct market research, set goals around execution, teach how to validate a design with beneficiaries/customers and teach how to communicate about social justice solutions both verbally and in writing.

$400 prize money is granted to the winning project at the end of the semester.



Social Justice Hub Logo 2020 AugTimeline:

  • Timeline:
  • Recruitment and Information Sessions: January 4 - March 5
  • Deadline to Apply: March 5
  • 4-Week Program: March 15 - April 16 (1 or 2 meetings/week)
  • Showcase (Pitches & $400 prize awarded): Week of April 12, 2021

Visit gALPHA Social Impact website or contact Lauren Usher at to find out more or if you are interested in participating!

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