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Peer Facilitation Team

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Peer facilitators are members of the campus and the broader community who  facilitate the Hub’s Dialogue-Based Core Workshop Series. The Core Workshops include: 

Self-Reflection for Self-Awareness:

This session explores the importance of diversity, identity, and intersectionality. Through a series of interactive and self-reflective activities, participants gain an understanding of the impact of intersectionality, identity, and diversity, on themselves and in society. 

Engaging with Power, Privilege, and Oppression in Our Society:

 This workshop provides an understanding and acknowledgment of power, privilege, and oppression in our society. Through several interactive activities, explore how privilege, oppression, and power have influenced one’s life. Leave the workshop with anti-oppression principles and practices that can be put to use.

Exploring the Intersections of Identity: An Overview of Intersectionality

This educational training session provides an overview of what intersectionality and identity are. Through several exercises, participants will work toward understanding their own intersectionalities and the importance of recognizing those of others. Participants will leave with several tips on how to put an intersectional approach into practice in their daily lives. 

What Are You Really Trying to Say? An Introduction to Microagressions:

This educational training provides an overview of the different distinct types of microaggressions, their common social themes, and the related negative effects. Through a variety of interactive exercises, practice how to respond to microaggressions from the position of the victim and an observer and learn how to prevent microaggressions. 


Being a Peer Facilitator will allow you to: 

  • Learn how to facilitate positive social justice change
  • Build connections with organizations on and off-campus
  • Build your resume 
  • Gain public speaking skills
  • Connect with like-minded folks
  • Gain confidence and understanding of the Hub’s workshops and material 
  • Build social justice leadership skills

To become a Peer Facilitator, you must attend a 4-week training which will include reviewing and practicing workshops, improving public speaking, and building awareness of one's own privilege and biases. This training occurs once a semester. Training updates will be posted for the Fall 2020 semester pending in-person classes. If interested, please sign up here. Please email the Education Coordinator, Julia, at to let her know of your interest, questions, comments or feedback.

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