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Dialogue-Based Workshops and Educational Sessions

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Social Justice Hub Dialogue-Based Workshops provide an opportunity to learn, discuss in small groups, and reflect on various social justice-related issues.  Facilitation of requested Dialogue-Based Workshops is an opportunity for campus members who have experience in research, education, facilitation, or conducting trainings and workshops and/or would like to get that experience to help our campus community members to further learn.

In October we completed Social Justice Facilitator Training (offered each semester). If you are interested in being involved as a facilitator, contact Education Coordinator Julia Gutman.

Please email us with any comments, feedback, or questions. 

Workshop Offerings

The  list of workshop offerings can be found here.

Dialogue-Based Workshops are intended to be continuously modified and updated to improve the effectiveness, accuracy and clarity of the presentation. With the intention of always improving our educational sessions, feedback is highly desired.