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the social justice hub

Social Justice Hub Intern Staff photo





Ben Ross, Office Assistant

3rd Year; finance and risk management

I believe social justice is a core principle anywhere you go in today’s society. It’s also growing to be an even more prevalent issue on college campuses across the country.

Within the Hub I hope to gain a better insight on social justice issues and then to pass that knowledge on to others.





Shreya Bandyopadhyay

4th year; Legal Studies and Political Science

As a first-generation Indian woman, I have grown up painfully aware of my differences from the rest of the majority in America. As a result, I have always been committed to increasing equity and inclusion in our society.

I have always believed that change happens through a group of people unifying together for a common cause. As a result, I hope to do the same through the Social Justice Hub. I hope to promote social justice and a more equitable mindset throughout our campus in order to give 

students of color a more safe space.

Jim Rogers, Program Director

Jim 2

Jim has initiated, developed and led the Social Justice Hub since 2018 having worked with staff putting together the mission and structure, setting up the facilities and equipment, opening the office, hiring the Social Justice Hub staff, and facilitating the Social Justice Hub supporting students and campus members working towards social justice, while developing student skills, as these future leaders can improve the quality of life for all. 

Biking, traveling and gaining new perspectives in life all excite Jim.