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Meet Our Staff


Laura Reul

Laura Reul

Year: Senior

Major: Political Science and Communication Arts 

A little about me: Although I am a midwesterner at heart, I reside on the East coast with my family in Norwalk, CT. I regret that it is already my last year at UW-Madison because there is still so much that I want to do. I love spending time with my friends, staying active, and being outdoors.

Favorite thing about the JLC: I enjoy the robust programs we offer that focus on different elements of leadership. Leadership is not one-dimensional and there is no correct way to lead. I admire that our programs celebrate the variety in leadership. 

Favorite thing about the Union: If I could live at the Union, I would. Whether I am working on the 5th floor for the JLC, studying with friends in the Rathskellar, or enjoying a sunset at the terrace, there is rarely a moment that I am not at the Union. Though, overall, the terrace is definitively my favorite. 

Favorite thing about Campus: I truly love the ceaseless amount of opportunities available on campus. Every semester I found something new to become involved with and even in my senior year, I am exploring new opportunities. 

Jason Proctor

Jason Proctor

Year: Junior 

Major: Neurobiology

A little about me: I come from a town called Cary, IL. I am now a Junior at UW-Madison and am really enjoying my time here. In my free time I like to hike, play tennis, and go to the football games.

Favorite thing about the JLC: My favorite thing about the JLC is how all of the services provided are free for the students. It really opens up the JLC to everyone and allows more people to benefit.

Favorite thing about the Union: The terrace. It rocks.

Favorite thing about Campus: There is always something going on on campus, like music and social events. If you are willing to look, there are definitely events that everyone will enjoy.


Natalie Tri

Natalie Tri

Year: Senior

Major: Genetics

A little about me: I am originally from Stillwater, Minnesota, but I have been a Wisconsinite every since coming to Madison. I am a Springboard diver, and love playing the violin and reading in my down time.

Favorite thing about the JLC: I love working with the campus community and showing them their leadership potential. I love attending the leadership seminars and expanding my knowledge about leading.

Favorite thing about the Union: I love the terrace! There is always a few perfect days to sit and watch the water with an Usinger’s brat to eat.

Favorite thing about Campus: Football games are always what I look forward to during the school year. They are a great way to get all of my friends together and de-stress from all the school work.


Zonghao Zou

Zonghao Zou

Year: Sophomore

Major: AMEP (Applied Math, Physics, Engineering)

A little about me: I enjoy reading, mostly nonfiction. I love making connections with other people or connecting information that seems irrelevant.

Favorite thing about the JLC: It offers an opportunity to work with other members who are different from me and a great chance to learn from everyone else.

Favorite thing about the Union: There is great food. It is a wonderful place to study or to have fun with my friends.

Favorite thing about Campus: There are more than enough resources for me to get any books that I want to read. It is a community to connect students from different backgrounds.

Jordan Campo

Jordan Campo

Year: Junior Major: Communication Arts with certificates in Business and Digital Studies

A little about me: I am originally from New York, but fell in love with Madison after my first visit to UW three years ago. I try to stay involved on campus in as many ways as possible. This includes attending Association for Women in Communications meetings and working as a research assistant at the communication arts lab. I hope to use my four years at UW to strengthen my leadership skills and further develop my passions in order to succeed in a career in public relations or marketing.   

Favorite thing about the JLC: I really appreciate how inclusive the JLC is. The programs and workshops are able to unite students from all over campus . The JLC is a great resource for meeting new people who are passionate about UW-Madison as well as passionate about leadership.

Favorite thing about the Union: Even when I'm not working, I love spending time at the Union. There is nothing better than sitting out on the terrace on a nice day!

Favorite thing about Campus: My favorite thing about UW-Madison has to be the people. The first thing I noticed when I moved to Wisconsin was how friendly and welcoming everyone is.

Mary Russell

Mary Russell

Mary joined the Wisconsin Union in June of 2017. She oversees the Jones Leadership Center and advises the Vice Presidents for the Wisconsin Union Directorate. Mary has been at UW-Madison for 11 years and has worked in the areas of career advising, scholarships, service-learning and coordinating events. She is excited to be working closely with students as they develop their leadership skills. Maryis originally from Iowa and received her BS from Iowa State University and her MAE from the University of Northern Iowa. In her free time she likes to do outdoor activities outdoor, is an amateur photographer,  and volunteers in the community.