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JLC New Intern Application '20-'21









Internship Openings for UW-Madison Students


Willis L. Jones Leadership Center (JLC):  The JLC provides and facilitates unique, intentional experiential opportunities such as Leadership Workshops and Conferences to develop students’ sense of self and their potential to lead. Through their participation in the JLC, students will aspire to recognize how their values, goals, identity, and emotions influence their leadership practices. Both undergraduates and graduate students will also be able to share ideas across multiple modes of communication, allowing them to connect with others to transform vision into reality.


Program and Leadership Department Purpose Statement: Program and Leadership fulfills the mission of the Wisconsin Union by building community through educational, cultural, social and recreational opportunities created through a student staff partnership. The Program and Leadership Department promotes and supports ongoing personal development and civic participation by providing student leadership and involvement opportunities.


JLC Intern Responsibilities

The interns work collaboratively to support the JLC by maintaining office hours (8-10 hours weekly), program facilitation (3-4 workshops per semester), attendance at a weekly staff meeting and assuming additional tasks as needed. In addition, JLC interns are responsible for:

  • Developing and enacting an on-going recruitment plan to attract participants to JLC events which includes: actively conducting in-person outreach, hosting information sessions and promotional events and networking with other organizations.
  • Designing digital as well as printed flyers to market JLC events to campus.
  • Brand marketing, website maintenance and managing social media content and accounts to promote the JLC.
  • Preparing and updating curriculum, print materials and audiovisual tools.
  • Recruiting and training students to facilitate JLC programs.
  • Coordinating site reservations and logistics.
  • Creating assessment tools for student facilitators and programs.
  • Researching, contracting, scheduling, promoting and hosting 1-2 leadership speakers each semester.
  • Managing the JLC Authentic Leader of the Month program.
  • Developing and administering the JLC travel grant process
  • Arranging student travel 

Questions? Email The Jones Leadership Center at