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I-LEAD 2020 Conference!

Do you want to improve your leadership skills with other students from across the nation? The JLC will be sponsoring one student leader to attend the 2020 I-LEAD Conference (Institute for Leadership Education and Development). The conference will take place this coming July.

This is a national conference that aims to enhance the key concept areas of leadership, community development, and change. A combination of small and large-group activities and discussions will take place over this six-day conference to help student leaders develop their leadership and community-building skills to bring back to campus.

Emerging Leaders Retreat 2021

2020 has been a chaotic and challenging year for all of us. Stepping into the future, we believe emerging leaders should develop agility and adaptability.

The JLC has been organizing and sponsoring the Emerging Leaders Retreat since 2011 to help current and aspiring leaders on campus explore leadership skills and practice leadership behavior. This year’s retreat will be held virtually the weekend of March 13-14th and is free to participants (UW-Madison students only). The event will cover managing transitions, teamwork and conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, etc. All costs will be sponsored by the Jones Leadership Center.

If you are interested in developing your leadership skill in a fast-changing environment and understanding the fundamental knowledge of being a successful leader, submit your application now!

Apply Here

IMPACT Conference 2020

Applications are now closed! Check back next Fall for your chance to attend in 2021!

The Jones Leadership Center will be sponsoring 2 UW-Madison students to attend the IMPACT Leadership Conference to represent our school at this national gathering of leaders to build their leadership skills in their commitment to service, activism, politics, advocacy, and other socially responsible work.

Visit the Impact Conference website to learn more.

The conference takes place from Thursday, February 13th- Sunday, February 17th in Tempe, Arizona! Expenses will be covered by the Jones Leadership (including registration, lodging, and transportation), and participants will be responsible for covering their own meals that aren't provided by the conference (about 6-7 meals).



The JLC recently sponsored 4 UW-Madison student's trip to the 2018 IMPACT Conference in Dayton, OH. 

The JLC also sponsored 1 UW-Madison student's trip to the 2018 I-LEAD hosted by ACUI at West Chester University in Pennsylvania. 

Here's How it went:

IMPACT provides a vastly different perspective on so many societal issues because of the different backgrounds that every attendee brings with them. Building connections with these folks is such a fun and powerful way to make change in the future. It's refreshing to be in a space with other young folks who are also willing to challenge ideas and strive to create change.

Karen, UW-Madison Student 

I would absolutely recommend the IMPACT Conference to other UW-Madison students. IMPACT is unique in that it is operated by students, for students. The broad array of topics discussed at the conference ensures that all participants can find a topic which particularly interests them. Additionally, the networking opportunities are incredible and allow you to engage in the sharing of ideas and stories from other campuses which you may adopt and bring back to UW-Madison. Attending the 2018 National IMPACT Conference was truly inspiring, empowering, and enlightening and I am so grateful for having this experience so early in my college career."

Haley, UW-Madison Student

"I-LEAD is focused on unlocking the potential of one’s mind. They created and facilitated an environment where I was able to not only share my story with others but hear how people from different backgrounds can affect my story and vision. I’m now even more grateful for all the things that I do have and more motivated to use this gift to advance myself and others. More so than that, I’m extremely inspired by how these people I met with such harsh backgrounds remained resilient and motivated in spite of so much hardship."

Yu-Lin, UW-Madison Student

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