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Brennan, Emerging Leaders Retreat Participant 2017


The JLC recently sponsored 2 UW-Madison student's trip to the 2017 IMPACT Conference in Saint Louis, MO. 

Here's how the experience went: 

“Attending the 2017 IMPACT Conference was a wonderful experience where I was able to connect with other University students across the US on topics that ranged from leadership to social activism. I truly enjoyed the experience of meeting other University students who are concerned with the same issues in the world as I am. The opportunity to attend IMPACT provided me with these connections across state-lines and a new view on how to approach my own actions concerning the world. Seeing other viewpoints gave me insight into how ideas and actions are seen from other perspectives. I was glad to be able to learn more about how I can create change in my community and outside of my community along with the people I met at IMPACT. This trip gave me a different perspective of Madison and reignited my passion to create change.”

Karen, UW-Madison Student


“This conference experience has been very formative in how I view myself as a leader, both on and off of campus. While attending this conference, I began to explicitly frame my Wisconsin experience with respect to how it has been and how it can be used to benefit the larger community. This conference has allowed me to think about how my actions as a leader on campus can benefit all students, not just the ones that I come into contact with on a daily basis. This conference has been especially formative due to my coming graduation. This experience has given me the time and the tools to reflect on my time at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and how I can use my leadership experiences here to be a force of change in the future.

Mac, Recent UW-Madison Alum


All Campus Leadership Conference February 18th, 2018:

Thank you all for attending our break out sessions at this year's All Campus Leadership Conference! We had a blast and hope you discovered a little more about yourself through in-depth discussion and reflection!

IMPACT Conference 2018:

The JLC is sponsoring 4 UW-Madison students to attend the IMPACT Conference at the University of Dayton in Dayton, Ohio on March 1-4, 2018. The IMPACT Conference is historically the largest annual conference focused on the civic engagement of college students in community service, service-learning, community-based research, advocacy and other forms of social action. 

We are no longer accepting applications for this year's IMPACT conference. Grant recipients will be notified by the end of the semester, Fall 2017



2018 Emerging Leaders Retreat

February 9-11th, 2018:

Thank you for all that attended this year's emerging leader's retreat! We had a blast and hope you everyone learned a little more about themselves and their own leadership style!

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