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Student Artist-in-Residence

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Home Redacted by Nia Scott

A visual response to the weight of my best effort in a world I could not/will not/will never control and the fellowship that brought me here.

"It is hard work holding yourself accountable for being your best self every day. The difficult, reoccurring choice to be yourself comes with the sacrifice of immediate comfortability. Being your best self does not guarantee success or happiness or anything else you assume might come with steadfast obedience."


Nia Scott, Wheelhouse Studios Student Artist-in-Residence

Nia Scott is a multimedia artist, activist, and scholar from Tampa, Florida. Scott is the creator of Beyond Acknowledgment, a personal, community rooted declaration of space and artistic development, as well as the Beyond Acknowledgment Film Collective, which is a solidarity of artists who create for the betterment of their art, their community, their intersections, and their professional development.

Scott is the Executive Producer/Videographer for the “[Blank] For Yourself” video series. This series allows black students and community members in the Madison area to have a chance to speak what’s on their mind without restrictions.