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Wisconsin Union Dining At Home

Introducing Wisconsin Union Dining at Home! Enjoy making some of your campus favorites, comforting classics and creative creations all from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

From March 26th through April 16th, order a Take and Make bag through the Wisconsin Union. Bags include a recipe card and all the ingredients you need to make it! Learn more. 

Want to see a recipe featured here? Email us at! 

Summer Sunset Wraps

Dine DaH W 385x250

Were you enjoying the warm weather this week? Us too! Enjoy these easy and delicious summer sunset wraps that are sure to deliver summer vibes.

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Vegetable Strata

Learn how to make a garden-fresh vegetable strata fit for the perfect brunch or dinner!

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Garden Vegetable and Feta Quinoa Cake

Dine DaH B 385x250

Make these delicious garden vegetable and feta quinoa cakes as a meat substitute, top your salad or just eat as a healthy snack!

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Bruschetta on Garlic Crostini

Dine DaH B 385x250

Learn how to make bruschetta on a toasted garlic crostini! From March 26th through March 28th, pre-order a Campus Farmer's Market Take and Make bag with the ingredients to...

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Copycat S'mores Cookie

Dine DaH S 385x251

Looking for a sweet study break treat? With the help of Wisconsin Union Dining, whip up a batch of our iconic S'mores Cookies.

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Copycat Rath Sauce & Tot Seasoning

Dine DaH T 385x250

You asked, we have no choice but to deliver! While we can't let go of all of our secrets, we can help you recreate a copycat version of the...

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Copycat Harvest Grains Tzatziki Sauce

Harvest Grains has been missing you! Until we can be together again, enjoy this easy Copycat Tzatziki recipe.

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Copycat Saffron Falafel

Dine DaH F 385x250

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Copycat Ginger Root Sesame Chicken

Dine DaH C 385x250

Satisfy your craving for Ginger Root with this copycat recipe for Sesame Chicken! Lunch rush line not included.

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