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Being healthy and well is a key component to living a great life. Join us in being healthy by utilizing these resources accessible to all employees of the Wisconsin Union.

Join Wisconsin Union Health & Wellness Activities

All of these activities support critical elements of your physical, emotional, and cultural wellness. Additional programming and information can be found through the following sources: 

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Join UW-Madison Employee Wellness Activities 

Even more information and useful resources on employee benefits, child care and family resources, smoking cessation, workplace flexibilities, meditation classes and more are available at UWell and UW-Madison Learning and Talent Development.

YOU@WISC is a student connection portal with tools, content, and resources specific to UW-Madison student life. YOU@WISC is designed to build resilience within students and foster campus connections.

Health & Wellness Newsletters

Union Health and Wellness staff release newsletters to all Union employees on a regular basis. Below you will find a record of past newsletters that highlight campus, community, and global events.


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Additional Resources


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Be Healthy

Being healthy and well is a key component to living a great life. Join us in being healthy. Here are some resources for all employees at the Wisconsin Union. Find even more great activities at the UW-Madison health and wellness calendar.

We hope you find activities for being healthy and well and living a great life! If you have additional events you'd like to lead, please email Jim Rogers.     

Wisconsin Union Health and Wellness
Jim Rogers (Coordinator),
Madison Yachinich and Justice Hadley (Marketing Coordinators)

Additional contributions from Wisconsin Union and campus staff, and from sites as noted. Funded by The Wisconsin Union Director's Fund.

Submit Union Health and Wellness items generally by the 10th and 25th of each month for the newsletter (monthly in the summer and during academic year breaks).


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